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The latest MIDI news, product releases and event annoucements. 

Alan Parsons pioneers MIDI recording back in 1985


There's a lot of excitement in the air -  MIDI 2.0, VR/AR, spatial audio, flying taxis and Facebook's own flight of fancy, Metaspace (it took me three goes to stop this being called Meatspace; perhaps aptly?).  Back in 1985 there was a similar air of expectation. MIDI had just been ratified by a quorum of MI ...

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Music China 2021 and the Chinese Musical Instrument Association launch new MIDI Initiatives


This is a translation of an article on the Chinese Musical Instrument Association's website.  The original article is linked below. Music China is now scheduled for  January 14-17, 2022  Creating an interconnected space for music technology and leading the cross-border integration of the musical instrument industry  Under t...

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New MIDI Association Member embodme releases Erae Touch MIDI 2.0 ready controller


Exclusive interviews with the embodme team from their offices in Paris  It's always exciting to see something new. On a recent trip to Paris, we got a chance to visit one of the newest members of the MIDI Association, embodme and meet their whole development team that had just finished up and shipped the first units of their Erae Touch MI...

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KnittedKeyboard: A multi-modal, textile-based soft MIDI controller

KnittedKeyboard_0 Credit: Irmandy Wicaksono

KnittedKeyboard is a recent project coming out from the Responsive Environments Group at the MIT Media Lab. This instrument provides new interactions and tactile experiences for musical expressions, and it can be easily worn, folded, rolled up, and packed in our luggage like a pair of socks or a scarf. The project was initi...

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Hotone's Ampero Control MIDI Controller connects lots of things lots of ways


MIDI Association Member Hotone's new Ampero Control is deceptively simple, but extremely powerful  At first glance, the Ampero Control looks like it is just 4 simple footswitches, but it is really so much more.   Let's take a look at the complete feature set and then dig into details of each feature.  Compact, smart 4-foots...

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