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Detailed timeline of MIDI 2.0 developments since January, 2020

The core specifications for MIDI 2.0 were adopted by the AMEI and The MIDI Association in January of 2020. Since that time the MIDI Association and its members have been developing tools and prototyping the first MIDI 2.0 products. As a result of our prototyping, we have improved and enhanced the specifications. 

This article is simply a list of the steps that have led up to the release of a major update to the core MIDI 2.0 specifications in June 2023. 


The MMA adopts 8 new MIDI 2.0 specifications –  

The MIDI Manufacturers Association adopted 5 core MIDI 2.0 specifications on February 20, 2020.

MIDI 2.0 Specification Overview This document defines the specific collection of MMA/AMEI specifications that collectively comprise the core MIDI 2.


MIDI 2.0 Progress Continues with Updated USB Specification –  

As computers have become central components in many MIDI systems, USB has become the most widely used protocol for transporting MIDI data. With the introduction of MIDI 2.0, the USB Implementers Forum’s USB MIDI 2.0 working group, headed by members o


MIDI Messages | Apple Developer Documentation

Apple releases the first version of their operating system that supports MIDI 2.0.


The MIDI Association Announces MIDI 2.0 Over A2B™ –  

Los Angeles, CA – June 1, 2022.The MIDI Association announced today the addition of MIDI 2.0 capabilities to the Automotive Audio Bus (A2B®) from Analog Devices, Inc. The technology was showcased at the MIDI Association booth #10300 at the NAMM show


The MIDI Association Announces MIDI 2.0 Development Tools –  

MIDI Association announces global initiative by over 50 MIDI Association companies to prototype MIDI 2.0. The MIDI Association has released details of the ongoing, industry-wide initiative by over 50 MIDI Association companies to deve


10/01/ 2022
AMEI to Fund Open Source MIDI 2.0 Driver for Windows –  

November 1, 2022 – The Association of Musical Electronics Industries (AMEI), the organization that oversees the MIDI specification in Japan, has committed to funding the development of an open-source USB MIDI 2.0 Host Driver for Windows Operating Sys


The MIDI Association at ADC 2022 –  

Apple, Google and Microsoft present Implementations of MIDI 2.0 at Audio Developers Conference 2022.

MIDI is about collaboration, not competition

All kinds of companies, all kinds of devices One of the things that has always made MIDI unique in the world of standards is that no one owns MIDI and the MIDI Associations (AMEI in Japan and The MIDI Association in the rest of the world) don’t sell anything.  We (AMEI and The MIDI Association) get companies to volunteer their s…


New Windows MIDI services Spring 2023 update

Check out Pete Brown’s post on the Microsoft Dev blog for important updates on MIDI 2.0  Pete is not just the designated representative to the MIDI Association for Microsoft, he is also the current chair of our Executive Board and an incredible evangelist for MIDI and particularly for MIDI 2.0.  Here are some of the topics …



Details about MIDI 2.0, MIDI-CI, Profiles and Property Exchange (Updated June, 2023) –  

This article is for companies looking to develop MIDI 2.0 products, both software developers and hardware manufacturers. If you are a MIDI user looking for the benefits of MIDI 2.0, go to this article, which is a more general overview of MIDI 2.0 fea

What Musicians & Artists need to know about MIDI 2.0

This article is to explain the benefits of MIDI 2.0 to people who use MIDI.  If you are a MIDI developer looking for the technical details about MIDI 2.0, go to this article updated to reflect the major updates published to the core MIDI 2.0 specs in June 2023.  MIDI 2.0 Overview Back in 1983, musical instrument companies that c…