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2024 MIDI

Innovation Awards

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Man playing a hybrid electronic and standard drum kit.

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We are an all-volunteer, nonprofit trade association whose mission is to make it easier for everyone to create music and art digitally. We nurture a global community of creative people who share a passion for music, art and innovation.

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MIDI 2.0 Inspires




    Check out the latest MIDI stories and newest MIDI products.

    MIDI Stories

    Make Music Accessible for everyone

    The Music Accessibility Standard

    Juho Tomanien is a student from Finland who had a vision for a Music Accessibility Standard. Just because you are blind, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a vision. Just consider the amazing Stevie Wonder whose Inner Visions album is considered one of the greatest records of all time. And there are so many more talented artists who only need access.

    Creating a free MIDI Curriculum

    MIDI IN Music Education

    Lee Whitmore, Focusrite’s VP of Education has been passionate about music education his whole life. From his tenure at Berklee to his leadership at the Grammy Music Education Coalition and now chairing our Music Education Special Interest group working with SAE Latin America to create a Creative Commons curriculum for MIDI.