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Live events are coming back and we'll be there
Look for us at these MIDI events and say hello!

Music China

Music China will design a special exhibition area for up to 8 MIDI companies who enter and win the Chinese Users' Choice Award. The Awards are selected by voting from over 800 music schools in China.
These Chinese Choice Award companies products will be displayed with the assistance of 3-5 Future Musician/MIDI Brand Ambassadors selected by Music China that have English and Music Technology skills. 

Consumer Electronics Show

The MIDI Association has been an Allied Association of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for many years.  We will be at Booth 11217 LVCC North and will be joined at CES by some of our members including Analog Devices and Roland. 

MIDI@40-April NAMM 2023

The April 2023 NAMM show is going to be a very special event for the MIDI Association.

2023 marks the 40th anniversary of MIDI, but we also expect new products that feature MIDI 2.0 from MIDI Association members at the show spurred on by our prototyping tools.

We have been working closely with NAMM on special MIDI@40 events including: 

  • The MIDI Showcase at the front of Hall A 
  • MIDI@40 exhibit at the NAMM Museum of Music Making
  • A MIDI@40 concert on the Grand Plaza Stage on April 15

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