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The latest MIDI news, product releases and event annoucements. 

May Is MIDI Month 2021-Helping Sick Kids Through The Healing Power of MIDI and Music


Was May Is MIDI Month 2020 really only a year ago?  It seems that everyone has had a bit of trouble keeping time this year. Not musically as that is the one place where time remains constant.   But in talking to people , they often say that one moment last May seems like it was last week and the next it ...

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Sequential acquired by Focusrite


Exciting news for one of MIDI's most important people  We're excited and pleased to add Sequential's instruments and pedigree to Focusrite Group's portfolio of world-class audio and music production tools,Dave Smith's history as an innovator speaks for itself. From his creation of the world's first fully programmable polysynth (the Prophet 5) ...

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Explore MIDI Effects in Live – free workshop 27th April


This workshop is part of a series of monthly free live events about MIDI organised by the Music Hackspace  Date & Time: Tuesday 27th April 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin / 1pm NYC / 10am LA Level: Beginner Ableton Live offers a vast playground of musical opportunities to create musical compositions and productions. Live's native MIDI FX pro...

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Create with MPE in Live 11


Date & Time: Tuesday 20th April 6pm UK Level: Beginner MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) offers a vast playground of musical opportunities to create musical compositions and productions. Live 11 supports a range of MPE tools to allow the composer and producer to create ideas in a myriad of ways. In this workshop you will creatively explore and d...

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ProxiMidi by Reuben Dax


MIDI Association Member Music Hackspace featured this very cool new product on their Youtube channel Discover the ProxiMIDI, the first MIDI controller made by Copper & Cedar. ProxiMIDI detects proximity motion and transforms it into MIDI data. It can be configured so that the hand gesture is interpreted as pitch controller, volume, or any other...

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