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Microsoft MIDI 2.0 Driver and API NAMM 2024

Pete Brown from Microsoft gave a talk at Winter NAMM 2024.

This Microsoft project is the next-generation MIDI API for Windows, including MIDI 1.0, MIDI CI, and MIDI 2.0. It includes enhancements, a new USB class driver, new transports, and a suite of essential tools. The project adds many enhancements and bug fixes to our MIDI 1.0 support, and importantly adds support for the latest revisions to MIDI CI and MIDI 2.0 as approved by The MIDI Association.

The open source USB MIDI 2.0 driver has been generously donated by AMEI, the Association of Musical Electronics Industry, and developed by AmeNote ™️ in partnership with Microsoft. Please see the file headers for any additional copyright notices. A huge thank you to AMEI and its member companies for making this happen!

This is an official Microsoft project. Although Microsoft is an active member of the MIDI Association, and Pete Brown is the chair of the MIDI Association Executive Board, and other contributors are on standards boards, this project is not affiliated with the MIDI Association other than as a consumer of and contributor to the standards. Affiliation with AMEI is disclosed above.