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Zivix now shipping the Jamstik 7 Smart Guitar, a new guitar tool and MIDI controller built for learners and music creators

The Jamstik 7 is a guitar, lessons, and MIDI controller all-in-one


Zivix, the makers of the Jamstik smart guitars, is now shipping the Jamstik 7, a portable MIDI guitar bundled with interactive software for budding guitarists and music makers.

At an MSRP of $249.99, the newest 7-fret Jamstik boasts brand new patented technology, including Zivix’s FretTouch™ finger sensing fretboard and Infrasense™ optical pickup—providing real-time feedback so players can see their fingers on the screen of their device.

The Jamstik 7 smart guitar is built for:

Learners: Take guitar lessons into your own hands with free interactive teaching software. In addition to its existing Jamstik and JamTutor apps built for iOS, Zivix has created a web-based playing experience for the Google Chrome browser, Play.jamstik.com. The Play Portal can be accessed from PC, Mac, or Chromebook, expanding the platforms available for learners. Zivix’s bundled learning software equates to over 6-months of traditional guitar lessons and will expand with regular updates.

Guitarists & Producers: Create and compose full tracks using the Jamstik in your favorite digital audio workstation (DAW). The Jamstik is a class-compliant MIDI controller in an interface that makes sense to guitar players. Set aside the MIDI keyboard and pad controllers and use your guitar skills to play everything from synths to saxophone.

Travelers: At just over 18 inches long, the new design of the Jamstik 7 stays true to the portable size of the Jamstik+ while adding more frets for improved playability and ergonomics. Wireless connectivity over Bluetooth means you can connect to your favorite devices and start playing in no time.

The Jamstik 7 is a third generation model of the Jamstik Smart Guitars. Since the initial launch of the Jamstik+ in 2015, Zivix has worked to streamline the manufacturing process, further the technology, and put in place a supply chain which allows the new products to be officially Made in the USA. The Jamstiks are compatible with a growing number of apps and software, including Apple’s GarageBand, Spotify’s Soundtrap, and Guitar Pro from Arobas Music. With intuitive software and a price-point of $249.99, the Jamstik 7 empowers more people to learn guitar and use their skills to create, produce, and compose music.

The Jamstik 7 has begun shipping to Indiegogo backers, and hundreds more will be shipped to backers and pre-orders from jamstik.com in the coming weeks. The brand new smart guitars will be available and in stock (pending demand) for Black Friday and holiday shoppers on Jamstik.com, and Amazon.com.

About Zivix

Based in Minneapolis, Zivix builds innovative electronic instruments and connected software to inspire, educate and empower musicians and creative professionals. Since the launch of the original Jamstik in 2014, Zivix has made huge strides in modernizing the MIDI guitar while making it more affordable and approachable for beginners.