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“What is MIDI” Guide by Paul Lehrman

Join the MIDI Association and download the 21 page booklet “What is MIDI” excerpted from “MIDI for the Professional” by Paul Lehrman and Tim Tully. 

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Paul Lehrman showing Herbie Hancock the joy of MIDI.

Paul D. Lehrman, PhD, composer, author, consultant, and educator, is one of the world’s leading experts on MIDI and computer music.

He was the creator of the first all-MIDI album, The Celtic Macintosh (1986), and has had compositions commissioned by Newcomp, the Boston Computer Society, the Society for Small Computers in the Arts, the Audio Engineering Society, and UMass Lowell.

He has written over 500 articles on music technology for publications including Wired, New Media, Keyboard, Electronic Musician, EQ, Piano & Keyboard, Sound on Sound, the Boston Globe, the Boston Phoenix, Technology Illustrated, Studio Sound, Oui, High Times, Millimeter, and Recording Engineer/Producer, and from 1996 to 2008 was the “Insider Audio” columnist for Mix magazine. He was also the web editor for the Technical Excellence and Creativity (TEC) Awards from 1997 to 2015.

He served three terms as executive director of the MIDI Manufacturers Association during which time he contributed to the development of MIDI Time Code, MIDI Machine Control, and General MIDI. 

Paul Lehrman is the Director of the program in Music Engineering at Tufts University.

Paul worked with Eric Singer from the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR) worked together on Anthiel’s Ballet Mecanique which was performed at Carnegie Hall and at the National Gallery of Art among many other performances around the world. 

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