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Top Ten MIDI Products of Winter NAMM 2018

Best New MIDI Products of Winter NAMM 2018


The Washington Post coverage of NAMM was all about MIDI controllers (you can skip the ad after 15 seconds)


ELK is a Music Operating System (MOS).

It allows musicians to:

  • UPGRADE their instruments adding new sounds and features
  • CONNECT musical instruments to external hardware and to the broader Internet
  • SHARE instantly their performances online

ELK also allows hardware companies to move away from dedicated chips and use standard CPUs with no compromise in terms of low-latency, performance and scalability.

ELK makes it incredibly easy for software developers to port existing software for use in embedded environments, essentially allowing them to run the same code on desktop, mobile and embedded systems.


by MINDMusicLabs

Camelot Software- Booth 10502- In our quick poll, Camelot Pro won Best of Show!

 The website doesn’t provide a lot of information yet, but we got a sneak preview and Camelot is pretty awesome.  It integrates hardware synths, softsynths plugins and allows you to integrate everything you need for live performance in one piece of software including lyrics, Chords and Music.

Our favorite feature? Take any multi-timbral 16 channel tone generator( like a Yamaha Montage), press one button and you can play the Montage as a fully functional MPE tone generator! Camelot is developed by Fatar and Audio Modeling. 

Expressive E TOUCHÉ -Booth 11007

Control your sound with a sensitive approach.

Play intuitively with any synthesizer.

Explore as yet undiscovered sonic territories.

Touché is the next step on your creative journey.


by Expressive E

 Although the Touche has been out for awhile, it’s hard to get your hands on one.  If you are at Winter NAMM 2018 this is your chance!

MIDI Manufacturers Association  Booth 10200, 9701

Maybe we are biased, but we think there are a bunch of really innovative MIDI products at the MMA booth.  Here is the list of companies that were at the MMA booth in 2018.