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These MIDI Generated Video Soundscapes Make You Feel The Future Is Now!

Paul Prudence is an audio-visual performer who uses MIDI to create live-cinematic visual-music experiences.

His weblog Dataisnature explores the relationships between natural processes, computational systems and procedural-based art practices. He also writes for Neural and HOLO magazines.

The screen-shot below shows the complete Ableton Live arrangement view for Chromophore. The of top half of the tracks represent sound design material, while some of the bottom half are responsible for sending Midi data to VVVV for precise synchronisations. Midi Data also flows in the opposite direction, from VVVV to Ableton Live. Triggered by generative objects in a 3D visual system, Midi is sent to top track, in Live, which is a Sampler. In this way multiple instruments/sounds/samples and filters can be accessed by tweaking the visuals during a performance.

by Paul Prudence from his website

Paul’s work combines four things we love here at the MIDI Association beautiful artistic design, amazing sonic soundscapes, data and of course….MIDI. 


Paul Prudence

You can find more of Paul’s amazing work here..