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The MIDI Association Forms Prestigious Advisory Groups

The MIDI Association (TMA), a global community of people who use MIDI to create music and art, has been founded with the goals of providing education for existing users, as well as creating new music makers by promoting the creative possibilities of connecting digital musical instruments, MIDI controllers, smartphones, tablets and computers. 

To further these goals, TMA has established an advisory team made up of music industry veterans who bring diverse expertise to the organization. They will participate in various panels dedicated to setting The MIDI Association’s overall direction, developing marketing and social media initiatives, and creating funding opportunities.

The TMA advisory team will set overall direction for The MIDI Association, develop marketing and social media initiatives, and interface with private and institutional revenue sources.

The advisory team includes:

Craig Anderton, Executive Vice President, Evangelist at Gibson

Athan Billias, Director of Strategic Product Planning at Yamaha

Roy Elkins, CEO at Broadjam

Jon Haber, CEO at Alto Music and former NAMM board member and CEO of Alto Music

Dendy Jarrett, Director at Harmony Central

Gene Joly, former Guitar Center executive and past NAMM Board member

Daniel Keller, CEO at PR firm Get It In Writing

Robin Kelly, Director of Channel Management at Roland

Kevin LaManna, Principle at the digital marketing agency SocialRaise

Bryan Lanser, Director of Marketing at Muse Research

Paul Lehrman, Director of Music Engineering at Tufts University

Lawrence Levine, Principle at Comet Capital

 Gerson Rosenbloom, Vice President of Strategic Management at Sweetwater and former NAMM Chairman.

“Over 30 years after the industry came together to create MIDI, it’s encouraging that it’s coming together again to help consumers as well as musicians take advantage of all that MIDI has to offer,” remarked Craig Anderton EVP at Gibson.

“The new MIDI website, (www.midi.org) has been completely revamped,” offered Roy Elkins,CEO of Broadjam. “It’s now mobile friendly and features video streaming, interactive forums, and easy searches of the hundreds of articles on MIDI available on the site. It’s a great site that will support the whole global MIDI community.”

“In a world with billions of MIDI-enabled mobile computing devices, our goal is to create more music makers by promoting the vast MIDI capabilities offered when those devices are interfaced with musical instruments,” observed Gerson Rosenbloom. “We look forward to the active participation and support of companies and foundations in our industry in helping us to bring awareness to the masses.” .

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