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The Interactive Audio Special Interest Group of The MIDI Association

The IASIG is an organization in partnership with the International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) and MIDI Association (TMA) that brings together experts to share their knowledge and help improve the state of the art in audio for games, websites, VR content, and other interactive performances. Our members share tips and techniques, study trends, and create reports and recommendations that game developers, tool makers, and platform owners use to create better products.

The IASIG will be hosting a number of events at the 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco’s Moscone Center held March 20-24. 

IASIG Town Hall
When: Friday, March 24, 2023 – 12:15 PM -1:15 PM
Where: West Hall, Room 3006

The IASIG will be holding its GDC Town Hall in person for the first time in several years.

Want to improve game audio workflow or the professional audio tools available to you? Join fellow game audio educators, sound designers, composers, audio programmers, and other audio professionals at the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (IASIG) Town Hall.

Get an update on current IASIG efforts, and share your own ideas, suggestions, and recommendations for improving the state of the art in audio for interactive media.

If you do audio, come and be heard.

IASIG Town Hall Sponsors

The Game Developers Conference Audio Track

GDC has its own Audio Track with a full schedule focused on Audio and Music in games.


With the support of IGDA, the IASIG will be holding a meet and greet in the South Hall of Moscone Center on the second floor in Room 203 on Tuesday – 3:00pm PST.  

The IASIG is working with GDC on the plans for the annual IASIG Townhall and will send out invites in advance of the conference. 

Many companies who have participated in the IASIG have booths at the Game Developers Conference including:  

Audiokinetic Booth S941 

Dolby Laboratories Booth S1041

FMOD Booth S1227

Chase Bethea, IASIG Chair at GDC

IASIG Chair Chase Bethea

Chase Bethea – the new IASIG Chair- is a NYX award-winning and VGMO nominated freelance Composer/Technical Audio Designer for Video Games and a variety of other Media. He will be at GDC and hosting the Town Hall and looking for Game Audio professionals who want to be on the IASIG steering committee.

With new leadership, a growing relationship as a Special Interest Group of IGDA and the decades long relationship with The MIDI Association, the IASIG is poised to drive new advances in interactive audio in games and continue to serve audio professionals in the game industry. 

Chase is also presenting two talks at Game Developers Conference.

Hunting with Hits: Tempo-Slaying Monsters in ‘Harmony”

This talk demonstrates the creation and implementation of an interactive score for a Hunting RPG with rhythm combat mechanics.


Microtalk with other industry colleagues

In this series of microtalks, developers from six studios will present custom toolsets they’ve built and/or used to help development run more efficiently and comfortably.


Steve Horowitz, is a member of the IASIG Steering Committee and an Audio Director/Composer at Nickelodeon Digital. Steve is also a Faculty Lecturer in Game Audio at San Francisco State University.  

Steve is also presenting a talk at GDC.

Developing Together: Game Audio and Game Development Roundtable (Presented by the IGDA)

This roundtable brings together composers, sound designers, game designers, animators, programmers, producers, and anyone else involved with game production and design. Organizers will open up the floor and discuss the latest and greatest trends in games, as well as the most common production roadblocks.


This is what the Federal Trade Commission had to say recently about the gaming industry.

“Today, gaming is the largest category in the entertainment industry, with revenues that far exceed those of both the film and music industries. This year, the gaming industry is expected to be worth more than $170 billion in global revenues, five times greater than global movie box office revenues.”

With autonomous cars on the horizon and Analog Devices already implementing MIDI 2.0 over A2B in a few years people won’t be driving their cars, they’ll be playing games in them or mixing their latest album in immersive audio.

Please join us at the 2023 Game Developers Conference and get involved with one of the fastest growing industries for Audio Professionals.