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Playtronica’s Orbita Makes Making MIDI Music colorful and easy

Playtronica makes playing with MIDI easy

We have always been a big fan of Berlin-based Playtronica. They have done MIDI installations for Hermes and Issey Miyake.

A real laboratory became alive in the upcoming new Hermes shop, in Manhattan, New York.
Each objects of new Hermes’ Home and jewelry collection became a musical instrument on which Playtronica’s musicians performed improvisations parts during 3 hours.

 Back on Labor Day 2020, we covered the Watermelon jam from MEZERG that used Playtronica to turn watermelons into MIDI controllers.


Watermelons, Summer and MIDI from MEZERG –  

Sometimes you just need to relax and do something cool. So on Labor day weekend 2020 we shared this video from MEZERG enjoying some cool watermelon, some bright sun and a dip in the pool. Oh yeah, and MIDI of course!

Orbita – transforming colors into music 

Orbita is a truly playful way to create music because it is so visual.  People of any age can enjoy it and the more you know about music and tech the more you can do with Orbita.  The user interface is simple, You place magnets on a spinning disc and synths and samples are triggered from Playtronica’s proprietary Web App. 

There are four track “orbits” and a”scratch mode” and timing can be adjusted with the spinning wheel like a classic turntable pitch control. 

But Orbita is also a USB-C compatible MIDI Controller that works with all MIDI compatible music software. There is even an extension that will convert the MIDI into Control Voltage so you can integrate Orbita with your modular synths. 

In Playtronica’s universe, everything should sound. Our past products, TouchMe and Playtron, let people turn any object into an instrument – even touching another person. With Orbita, we bring sound to color through a device that can be used for education, performance, meditation, or just jamming with friends

by Sasha Pas, founder of Playtronica

Blast from the past 

Anyone remember this MIDI product- The Yamaha DJX BII

Is okay to say “What goes around comes around” when talking about a turntable?