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MIDI Tutorials

Here is a collection of tutorials on MIDI which is a great place to get started. 

For quick access to a list of all MIDI Messages, see our Reference Tables section.

MIDI Basics 


Why MIDI Matters –  

MIDI is like air, it’s all around you, most of the time you can take it for granted, but if you are a digital musician you probably couldn’t live with out it. MIDI is inside musical instruments, computers, tablets, smartphones, stage lighting,



An Intro to MIDI –

What MIDI does, how to use it, how devices are connected, and more. pdf File Name: intromid_20151101-180649_1.pdf File Size: 2.1



“What is MIDI” Guide by Paul Lehrman –  

Join the MIDI Association and download the 21 page booklet What is MIDI excerpted from MIDI for the Professional by Paul Lehrman and Tim Tully. 


Tutorial: Benefits of MIDI –

Unlike audio formats like MP3 files and CDs, MIDI files contain individual instructions for playing each individual note of each individual instrument. So with MIDI it is actually possible to change just one note in a song, or to re-orchestrate an entire song wit



Tutorial: MIDI and Music Synthesis –

An explanation of music synthesis technology and how MIDI is used to generate and control sounds. pdf File Name: MIDIandMusicSynthesis.pdf F


The History of MIDI


The History Of MIDI –  

We put together a series of articles about the history of electronic music and MIDI. 

About MIDI tutorial series 


About MIDI-Part 1:Overview –

MIDI (pronounced mid-e) is a technology that makes creating, playing, or just learning about music easier and more rewarding. Playing a musical instrument can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and friendship. Whether your goal is to play in a band, o



About MIDI-Part 2:MIDI Cables & Connectors –

Part 2: MIDI Cables &Connectors
Many different transports can be used for MIDI messages. The speed of the transport determines how much MIDI data can be carried, and how quickly it will be received.


About MIDI-Part 3:MIDI Messages –

Part 3: MIDI MessagesThe MIDI Message specification (MIDI Protocol) is probably the most important part of MIDI. MIDI is a music description language in digital (binary) form.



About MIDI-Part 4:MIDI Files –

Standard MIDI Files (“SMF” or *.mid files) are a popular source of music on the web, and for musicians performing in clubs who need a little extra accompaniment. The files contain all the MIDI instructions for notes, volumes, sounds, and even effects



Basics of USB-MIDI –  

USB MIDI 2.0 ADOPTED MIDI 2.0 Progress Continues with Updated USB Specification – As computers have become central components in many MIDI systems, USB has become the most widely used protocol for transporting MIDI data. 


Audio Wiki MIDI Message diagram –

Our friends over at http://en.wikiaudio.org created this simplfied diagram of MIDI messages and kindly let us put it up here.


Ask.Audio Article on MIDI Messages –  

Ask.Audio and Non Linear Educating Ask.Audio is one of our favorite technology websites and has been a great partner to The MIDI Association. 


Mixing with Virtual Instruments: The Basics –  

DAW software, like Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, Studio One, etc. isn’t just about audio. Virtual instruments that are driven by MIDI data produce sounds in real time, in sync with the rest of your tracks. 


Sound on Sound MIDI Basics, Part 1 –  

Paul White, editor of Sound on Sound wrote a series of articles in 1995 for newcomers to MIDI.  You might imagine that most SOS readers already have a pretty firm grasp of MIDI, but new readers are joining us every month


Sound on Sound MIDI Basics, Part 2: Sequencing –  

Paul White’s beginners’ guide to MIDI continues. This month, he explains the concept of MIDI sequencing.To anyone used to playing and recording using traditional methods and skills, the MIDI sequencer is sometimes viewed as little short of cheat