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MIDI Association Member Newzik Goes Beyond Sheet Music

Newzik is a Paris based MIDI Association member that has a unique approach to notation.  They offer a range of notation products that focus on classical orchestral scores and are used by a number of world renown orchestras and ensembles.  One of the most interesting parts of Muzik’s technology is their AI driven OMR technology. 

Newzik’s AI-driven Optical Music Recognition technology, Maestria.

Newzik now offers this bridge between two worlds: the one of paper scores, and the one of digital scores, with our newly released AI-driven Optical Music Recognition technology, Maestria.

Take a picture of your sheet music, press play, and listen to the music – enjoy a living, dynamic partner instead of dry ink on paper.

Transpose it, play it faster or slower, turn off your part and play along with the accompaniment only, share it in real time with colleagues and friends working on the same piece wherever they are, enrich it with annotations, audio and video files – enjoy a living, dynamic partner instead of dry and dusty notes on paper.

What are we doing? A powerful AI-driven engine, in fact: the most advanced existing, analyzes the image of your sheet music and transforms it with a reliability of nearly 100% into a digital format.

We open this new vibrant world of scores to you in Newzik, fully adaptive, fully interactive, fully collaborative – while fully protecting copy, performance and exploitation rights.

And not only the music is transformed, also all metadata – composer, title, tempi, dynamic indications, fingerings, bowings, breathing marks, it’s the full range of information until now petrified in black dots of ink on paper which we bring to live.

by Newzik

Sync large ensembles with multiple devices using Newzik Web 

Collaboration is at the center of Newzik’s approach.  They offer both iPAD and iPhone apps.  In particular,  many orchestras and ensembles have moved to using iPADs ar rehearsals and performances and using Newzik apps allows large groups to share and exchange markings and notational details.  There is also a desktop application. 

All of these different applications can be shared via the Newzik Web. It’s an online web platform that allows you to view your Newzik account and your digital sheet music from any compatible web browser and on any computer. 

Newzik Web is an easy way to share sheet music and work in collaboration with other musicians: the “projects” section is a collective space on the platform that allows several users to work together on a musical project.

Newzik Education, Support and Pricing

There is a dedicated website for support and a blog section with articles on how to get the most out of Newzik.  

You can get started with Newzik for free and an annual subscription is only $29.