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Meet You At NAMM – Face to Face or Virtually on Horn®

The MIDI Association Face to Face Meet Up-
MMA booth (Hall B, #9701) at 5:45 PM on Saturday, January 27


We’d like to invite all our MIDI friends to meet up at the NAMM show. Just come to the MMA booth (Hall B, #9701) at 5:45 PM on Saturday, January 27.  We’ll be there and we’d like to get a picture of all the MIDI Association member at the show to share on the site.   There are now 15,000 MIDI Association members worldwide! 

Introducing Horn®- A Channel for MIDI Association Conversations

 Some of you may have noticed that that on the left hand side of the Forum page, there is something inviting you to join the conversation. 

Clicking on >MIDI  or on Join the conversation will take you to screen where you create a Horn™ account using your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Yahoo, Github or Weibo credentials.  If you are logged in to those social media platforms you will be logged in to Horn® immediately. 

​When you first log in your microphone will be turned off. 

Click on the image of the Microphone to turn it on.  

Horn® has a lot of features.  You can share your video camera, share your screen,  chat via text, adjust the volume to your mic and basically all the things you’d expect from a fully functioning Internet meeting app.  As long as you have an Internet connection, you can chat with MIDI friends around the world. 

We are planning on a series of webinars at NAMM and either broadcasting them live on Horn® or recording them for playback later (depending on WiFi capabilities at NAMM).  

Here are the NAMM events we plan to broadcast/capture using Horn®.

January 25, 1:00 PM Avila Room (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton Hotel 


There’s a lot happening in the world of MIDI, and this panel will be an update from the executive roundtable folks, all leaders in the music electronics industry, about the implications of MIDI extensions. There will be opposing viewpoints and probably some controversy, so come and get the inside scoop. Industry guru Craig Anderton holds court here. 


January 25, 2:00 PM El Capitan (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton


Wireless technology is part of our everyday business lives, and gradually becoming part of every musician’s life. Bluetooth, Wifi, WLAN, Wireless MIDI, and NFC are just some of the ways musicians continue to break free from cables. A3E brings together a panel of wireless experts to discuss the pros and cons of wireless technology integration for your future product lines.


  • Tom White-President, MIDI Manufacturers Association
  • Gabor Gerenyi
  • Mark Ethier
  • Marcus Ryle
  • Mark Powell

    January 25, 4:00 PM San Simeon (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton


     This session will be an introduction to a new feature of musical instruments called MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE). Panelists will describe and demo products compatible with the MPE Specification that work together and give players the ability to change the pitch and tone of individual notes while playing polyphonically.


    Visit the MIDI Manufacturers Booth and see Unique and Innovative MIDI Products


    The MIDI Manufacturers Association booth (Hall B, #9701) will showcase truly unique and cutting-edge MIDI hardware and software from these companies.  Click on the image to go to the company’s website.  

    Educational Programs at Winter NAMM


    The Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange (A3E) is all about the Future of Audio + Music Technology .TM

    A3E has a very simple mission: to create an Exchange of ideas, information and intelligence between audio developers, professional musicians, audio personnel, the manufacturers, creators and innovators of music technologies, instruments and software applications (both established and emerging), along with the professional organizations, associations, publications and social networks that support that same mission.

    View the complete A3E Sessions Schedule.

    EC Tracks offers 70-plus free sessions for sound, studio and stage professionals. These big-picture sessions feature industry thought leaders presenting innovative ideas in recording, live sound, event technology and music business. Sessions on MIDI include:

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