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May Is MIDI Month 2019 Webinar: Guthman Musical Instrument Design

Guthman Musical Instrument Design Competition
May 11, 2019 at 7PM Pacific Time

All three winners of the 2019 Guthman Musiclal Design Competition were MIDI Controllers. 

Check out Geoshred,AirSticks and The Glide as well as other unique MIDI instruments. 

This panel discussion will also include live and video performances from the participants.

Jordan Rudess, Pat Scandalis, Alon Ilsar, Keith Groover, Qianqian Jin, Nathan Asman

The Glide, GeoShred and Airsticks win Guthman New Instrument Competition 

On March 9th at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, three judges with audience input selected the three winners of the 2019 Guthman New Instrument contest . 

All three judges are people who are heavily involved with MIDI. 

Pamela Z Composer, Performer, Media Artist       Roger Linn Technical Grammy Award Winner             Ge Wang Associate Professor, Stanford University

The Glide 

The Glide was conceived, designed, and coded by Keith Groover, a musician, music educator, and inventor living in South Carolina.  There are two controllers, one for each hand, and each controller has three accelerometers (for the X, Y, and Z axes.) It is primarily designed to be a MIDI controller broadcasting over bluetooth, which means that you pair it with a phone, tablet, or computer and then play through a synthesizer app. Here is a video on how it works.


Home | The Glide

The Glide is a new wireless midi instrument, based around the accelerometer.


Jordan Rudess is no stranger to MIDI.org.  We have done exclusive interviews with him.  HIs videos of playing a number of MPE instruments are featured in our articles on MPE. Now his GeoShred app has won 2nd place in the 2019 Guthman New instrument Competition. GeoShred is highly expressive when controlling, and being controlled by, instruments that use the  “MPE” MIDI specification (MIDI Polyphonic Expression). It’s both a powerful synth and a formidable iPad based MIDI/MPE controller! 


GeoShred – Wizdom Music

GeoShred is a powerful, musical instrument that offers a performance environment on a multi-touch surface unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


The AirSticks combine the physicality of drumming with the unlimited possibilities of computer music, taking the practice of real-time electronic music to a new realm.

The AirSticks were developed by drummer/ electronic producer Alon Ilsar and computer programmer/ composer Mark Havryliv. Airsticks transform off-the-shelf gaming controllers into a unique musical instrument, 


Airsticks converts game controllers into a new musical instrument



The QJin was developed by Qianqian Jin, a student in the Technology and Applied Composition (TAC)  of San Francisco Conservatory of Music  The Qijin is a customized MIDI controller for a Guzheng (a Chinese classical zither).  It is not only a MIDI controller , but it has a built-in amplification system to augment its capacity for live performance and sound design. A built-in arduino board that supports MIDI allows the performer to connect to any MIDI compatible music software. 


Qianqian Jin ’20 | SFCM

Qianqian Jin is forging her own path to stand out with unmatched originality.


The Kaurios gets its name from the amazingly unique wood that it is made out of. Kauri is the oldest wood available in the world and has been buried underground in New Zealand for about 50,000 years. So Nathan Asman’s project marries ancient wood with state of the art wireless BTLE MIDI technology. 


Curve – by Nathan M. Asman –  

This custom-built instrument is called Curve, and is named after the shape and contour of the interface itself. I wanted to create something that had a myriad of different sensors and ways of controlling different musical parameters, while also mai

The tagline for the Margaret Guthman New Instrument Competition is “the future of music”  and all three winners of the 2019 competition were MIDI controllers. So the future of music is MIDI. We couldn’t agree more.