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LASER Mammoth puts SysEx storage in your browser

They thought it was abandoned long ago and never would return. They were wrong. The ancient knowledge of the MIDI elders silently faded away and left them clueless and unprepared. How on earth should they have known how to deal with MIDI SysEx programs? In a world where all SysEx apps fail, one app must resist, one app must prevail: F0F7 – Codename LASER Mammoth – Midi SysEx Librarian F0F7 – Codename LASER Mammoth let’s you reorder, rename, delete and share your hardware synthesizer programs.

It’s Sysex in the browser.
It’s the future!
Make your MIDI synth awesome again.

by LASER Mammoth


F0F7 – LASER Mammoth

Sysex Librarian for your Synthesizer. Reorder, rename, delete and share your sound programs.