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DUBLER STUDIO KIT: Your voice, the ultimate MIDI controller.

Dubler Studio Kit is a real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller. 

Vochlea Music recently launched a Kickstarter for Dubler Studio Kit and have raised over double their goal of $53,000 and still have 29 days left in their campaign. 

The Kit consists of both hardware and software. 

  • The Dubler software — a virtual MIDI instrument ( a desktop application for Mac + PC) Compatible with any production software [DAW]. It is not a plugin or VST.
  • The Dubler microphone — a low latency custom USB mic, tuned for the Dubler software.

As musicians we all sing, hum, and record voice memos to track snippets of ideas – but that’s often where that idea ends, never making it into the studio or onto the stage.

Our goal: To help you to release the stems of musical ideas trapped inside your head and get them directly into your production software— simply by vocalising them.

Now anyone can turn their voice directly into MIDI— quickly, easily, intuitively and LIVE.

by Vochlea

Dubler Studio Kit Features 

  • Compatible with any DAW (Ableton/Logic/Reason/FL Studio/ProTools/GarageBand etc).
  • Learns your voice in less than 60 seconds.
  • Allows you to use your voice as a live MIDI controller.
  • Live pitch tracking for synth control.
  • Accurately select between, and trigger, up to 8 samples using your voice.
  • Sustain sounds, samples and notes vocally.
  • Responsive to changes in velocity — takes all the information from exactly how you make a sound.
  • Simultaneously talks to multiple MIDI channels— enabling sample triggering and synth control at the same time.
  • Control up to 4 CC [MIDI mapping] values based on the way you make a sound. Then easily map to anything from synth selection, effects controls, synth blending, filters and more.
  • Additional control of Pitch Bend and Envelope Following.
  • Works with non-vocal sounds too — clap a beat or mic up an instrument.
  • Can be used to control effects and filters on other MIDI devices and instruments.
  • Low latency [10-12ms] enabling real-time, live control.


Vochlea Music

Live vocal MIDI control is arriving for artists and producers in 2019. Select, trigger and manipulate samples and instruments with our Dubler microphone and app. Compatible with any DAW. Launching March 2019. ?

Other apps that convert voice to MIDI 

There are other apps that do very similar things to Dubler.  In fact, most DAWs allow you to convert monophonic audio  tracks into MIDI. 


How to turn a vocal recording into MIDI in a DAW | MusicRadar

Got a melody in your head but don’t know how to transcribe it as MIDI note data? Your DAW might be able to do it for you…


imitone: mind to melody

play any instrument with your voice.
explore and create music with only a microphone.



HumBeatz is the revolutionary music making application that allows you to hum or beatbox and turn it into the musical instrument of your choice. Now you can quickly create musical parts and song sketches with just your mouth!