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CME takes next step in Bluetooth MIDI with WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro

After the successful launch of WIDI Master and WIDI Jack, CME returns with two premium BLE MIDI solutions completely focussed on USB MIDI devices. 

In its essence, WIDI Uhost offers wireless MIDI solutions for all USB MIDI devices. Both USB hosts as well as USB devices. Together with the already available WIDI solutions, it is now possible to add wireless Bluetooth MIDI to any MIDI device. No matter if it is a vintage synth, a slim-sized MIDI controller, your mobile device or operating system.

Therewith, WIDI is taking away the barriers of MIDI connection terminals and allows you to transmit any MIDI message bidirectional and wireless over air. At the same time it delivers 20 meter (65 ft) range without obstacles and latency performance as low as 3ms.

Besides the reliable performance levels, WIDI delivers 1-to-4 MIDI split and 4-to-1 MIDI merge capabilities via the user-friendly WIDI app. You can set up wireless WIDI groups of up to 5 devices, consisting out of 1 central device and 4 Bluetooth peripherals.

I’m blown away by all the WIDI gear. I have a Novation Peak and I switch between using a keyboard and a theory board to control it. With WIDI, it’s so easy to switch, I love it.

— Shelby Watson, Community of MIDI Enthusiasts

Advanced Bluetooth MIDI by CME

 What can you do with WIDI Uhost?

In its essence WIDI Uhost offers 3 solutions in 1 tiny little interface. It can operate both as a USB host as well as a USB device. Therewith it is suitable to add Bluetooth MIDI to both bus-powered MIDI controllers as well as standalone MIDI hardware. No matter if you have a Korg Kronos or an M-Audio Oxygen, WIDI Uhost simply adds wireless BLE MIDI to all your USB MIDI devices.

Also, you can use it as a MIDI USB dongle for any PC, tablet or smartphone. No matter the operating system, WIDI Uhost adds high performance BLE MIDI without having to upgrade your computer. It even bypasses the limitations of macOS and iOS and adds automatic pairing and WIDI group connectivity to the equation. 

Basically, WIDI Uhost covers three main use cases:

  1. Connect MIDI devices that operate as a USB device. Like a standard bus-powered USB MIDI controller.
  2. Connect MIDI devices that operate as a USB host. Like the Korg Kronos or other MIDI devices with a USB A port.
  3. Connect computer and smart device without Bluetooth MIDI or bypass limitation of any operating system.

Pair your USB MIDI hardware wirelessly with any standalone MIDI device using one (1) WIDI Uhost unit and one (1) WIDI device.

Pair your USB MIDI hardware wirelessly with any Bluetooth MIDI device using one (1) WIDI Uhost unit.

Pair your USB MIDI hardware wirelessly with your Windows / Android / Chrome OS / Linux with two (2) WIDI Uhost units.

How does WIDI Uhost work with bus-powered USB MIDI devices?

As said before, WIDI Uhost is an all-in-one solutions for any USB MIDI piece of equipment. Therewith, there are three main power modes to cover all use cases.

  • WIDI Uhost can be powered all kinds of standard USB power sources: USB bus power, USB power supply, USB power bank, etc.
  • If your MIDI device has a USB Host connector (USB-A slot), it can also power WIDI Uhost.
  • MIDI device which only have a USB device connector (peripheral, USB-B or micro-B slot), will require power from Uhost via its USB-c port.

The external power option will power WIDI Uhost. Besides this, WIDI Uhost can pass 500mA to power your (bus powered) MIDI device which is connected to WIDI Uhost. In other words, with the right USB cable(s), you can add wireless MIDI via Bluetooth to any USB MIDI device.

I’m really happy with my WIDI Masters and WIDI Jacks and I’m looking forward to the new WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro!

— Doug Sternes, Community of MIDI Enthusiasts

What is WIDI Bud Pro?

Besides the versatile WIDI Uhost, CME also introduces the successor of the legacy WIDI Bud (2016). The new WIDI Bud Pro is a Bluetooth MIDI dongle for any operating system. Basically, WIDI Uhost can do everything WIDI Bud Pro can, and not the other way around.

WIDI Bud Pro is a simplified solution compared to the WIDI Uhost. It offers convenience and a plug, pair & play experience for any MIDI enthusiast. No matter the level of experience or performance. By applying today’s BLE5 and WIDI technology, the WIDI Bud Pro takes the effective WIDI Bud to new heights.

Compared to the legacy WIDI Bud (central only), WIDI Bud Pro can now operate both as a central as well as a peripheral Bluetooth device. Therewith it adds WIDI group connectivity and automatic pairing to all operating systems. Furthermore, both range and latency performance have taken another leap forward compared to the WIDI Bud that was released in 2016.

Bluetooth MIDI for all operating systems

Wireless MIDI via Bluetooth

Selecting the right WIDI product for your MIDI setup!

In its essence WIDI Master and WIDI Jack are the same products. Same goes for WIDI Uhost and WIDI Bud Pro. The main difference is that WIDI Uhost and WIDI Jack offer external power options and changeable cable options to widen the number of use cases.

  • WIDI Master – DIN-5 MIDI
  • WIDI Jack – DIN MIDI + TRS MIDI + external power + changeable cables
  • WIDI Bud Pro – USB MIDI
  • WIDI Uhost – USB MIDI + external power + changeable cables

To help anyone with making the right choice this guide can be really helpful. More info via CME

I’m hooked on the WIDI products like a fish … but without a line.

— Mi Mo, Community of MIDI Enthusiasts