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Bome Software Released 3 Major Product Updates

To celebrate the last day of May is MIDI Month, we are happy to announce 3 major product updates.

Florian Bomers (Founder of Bome Software)

New BomeBox Firmware 1.5

As of today, Bome Software has released version 1.5 of the BomeBox firmware. It is a free download for BomeBox owners and adds a number of new features:

  • new MIDI processing capabilities (see MIDI Translator Pro update below)
  • remote access to each MIDI device connected to the BomeBox (see Bome Network update below)
  • connect up to 32 USB devices using USB hubs (previous limit was 8)

The BomeBox is available for sale world wide in (online) shops, and in the manufacturer’s web shop:


The updated firmware is available for owners of the BomeBox here:


What is the BomeBox, anyway?

The BomeBox is a versatile hardware MIDI router, processor, and translator in a small, robust case. Connect your MIDI gear via MIDI-DIN, USB, Ethernet, and WiFi to the BomeBox and benefit instantly from all its functions. It’s a solution for your MIDI connection needs on stage or in the studio.

In conjunction with the desktop editor software Bome MIDI Translator Pro (sold separately), you can create powerful MIDI mappings, including layerings, MIDI memory, and MIDI logic. A computer is only needed for creating the mapping. Once it is loaded into the BomeBox, a computer is not necessary for operation.

New Bome MIDI Translator Pro 1.9

Today, Bome Software has released version 1.9 of the flagship product Bome MIDI Translator Pro. The tool allows flexible MIDI mappings, MIDI routing, timing, MIDI logic and processing, and much more. These translation projects also run stand-alone on the BomeBox. On desktops, you can set up translations for MIDI to keystrokes and to mouse movement and clicks, for controlling non-MIDI applications.

This new version allows for even more dynamic control on desktop (Windows and macOS) and in the BomeBox:

  • dynamic processing depending which other application is currently active
  • modify MIDI routing on the fly
  • dynamic processing depending on plugging in or unplugging MIDI devices
  • improved integration with the YouTube video tutorials
  • enhanced keystroke emulation options

This update is free for owners of Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

A free trial version and more information is available here:


New Bome Network 1.4

The Bome Network tool allows connecting your computer to one or more BomeBoxes via Ethernet and WiFi. Any MIDI application can send MIDI to the BomeBox and receive from it.

BomeBoxes are auto-discovered, and once you’ve established a connection (“paired”), it is persistent across reboots and BomeBox power cycles.

Today, Bome Software has released version 1.4 with these enhancements:

  • A new user interface makes managing your network of BomeBoxes and other MIDI devices much easier
  • Remote Direct MIDI: directly access all MIDI devices connected to a BomeBox or a remote computer
  • MIDI Router lets you define manual MIDI routings
  • Add-On: Unlimited Named MIDI Ports lets you define named virtual MIDI ports to be used with the MIDI Router
  • Dark Mode support

Bome Network is a free download for Windows and for macOS:


If you like to set up network MIDI connections from computer to computer, use the Add-On Bome Network Pro.

Bome Software