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2023 marks the 40th anniversary of MIDI

The April 2023 NAMM show is going to be a very special event for the MIDI Association.

2023 marks the 40th anniversary of MIDI and we have been working closely with NAMM on special MIDI@40 events including:

  • The MIDI Showcase at the front of Hall A
  • A MIDI@40 exhibit at the NAMM Museum of Music Making
  • A MIDI@40 concert on the Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage on April 15, 2023

You may have noticed a flurry of articles over the holidays from The MIDI Association.  

We created stories about the key figures who helped create the modern music production environment (Alan Pearlman, Bob Moog, Don Buchla, Dave Smith, Ikutaro Kakehashi, and Roger Linn).  

A it turns out many of those people were also influential in the creation of MIDI. 

The MIDI@40 Concert on the Yamaha Grand Plaza Main Stage at the NAMM Show on Saturday, April 15 celebrates the incredible possibilities created by MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) in the 40 years since its public introduction.

During the anniversary celebration, the people who created the modern music production environment of synths, drum machines and sequencers will be honored with lifetime achievement awards for Alan Pearlman, Bob Moog, Don Buchla, Dave Smith, Ikutaro Kakehashi, Roger Linn, Tom Oberheim and Tsutomu Katoh.

The musicians, composers and performance artists selected as MIDI brand ambassadors represent the beautiful diversity of cultures and people from all over the world and music from different genres and generations brought together by music and MIDI.

We are creating a unique innovative experience to celebrate how MIDI has been connecting people and products since its debut at the 1983 Winter NAMM show.