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The MIDI Association at Music China 2023

Music China and The MIDI Association continue to work closely together 

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the global pandemic actually brought Music China and The MIDI Association closer together.

Because in-person events were impossible over the last few years, we worked together to connect the MIDIable online video content production platform that The MIDI Association uses for all its global meetings with Music China’s WeChat social media platform to bring interactive online sessions on MIDI to people in China over the past two years. 

Here are some previous articles on our work with Music China.


MIDI In China –  

MIDI has grown in importance in China as Chinese companies expand in both domestic and overseas markets The MIDI Association is tasked with promoting and managing MIDI specifications in every country in the world except Japan.


The MIDI Association promotes MIDI in China –  

The MIDI Association, Music China and the Chinese Musical Instrument Association cooperate together to promote MIDI in China In the past year, with the help of MIDI Association Exec Board member Yitian Zhao, CEO of CME


Music China 2021 and the Chinese Musical Instrument Association launch new MIDI Initiatives –  

This is a translation of an article on the Chinese Musical Instrument Association’s website.The original article is linked below. Music China is now scheduled for January 14-17, 2022

Tech Music Lab 2023

Launched in 2017, Music Lab is an innovative event held on Music China show, aiming to build a frontier of electronic music in China and lead the innovation and development of China’s electronic music industry. It covers all aspects of electronic music, such as electronic musical instrument, DJ sets, music-making software/hardware, and audio equipment.

This year, Tech+ Music Lab, an upgraded version of Music Lab, will further expand the scope of “electronic music”, covering music production, music creation, music technology, music services and other related content, through product display, interactive sharing, user selection and other activities, focusing on innovative technology to empower the music industry, aiming to break the traditional and creating a multi-dimensional space to accommodate more possibilities for electronic music to develop cross industries and seek technological upgrading.

The Chinese Users Choice Awards 2023

The Chinese Users Choice Award is an exclusive opportunity  for overseas innovative brands creating MIDI products, which will be voted online by the User Panel, and the top 6 winners will get the opportunity to display their products in the MIDI Innovation Experience of the 2023 Tech+ Music Lab.

This year, we took the entrants to the MIDI Innovation Awards and they were entered into the Chinese Users Choices Awards. 

The voting (and assessment) will be conducted by Chinese users mainly from teachers and students from 800 music conservatories in China.

Product selection criteria are based on:

A.The product inspire Chinese music creation/making;

B.The product improve productivity of music teaching/making;

C.The product show innovation over other products.

MIDI Association and MIDI Innovation companies headed to Shanghai

Athan Billias, current MIDI Association President and Yitian Zhao, MIDI Association Executive Board member, CEO of CME Pro and also Vice President of the Chinese Musical Instrument Association will be headed to Shanghai for the the Music Chian show.  

They will be joined by large group of MIDI Association companies who have booths at Music China including Central Music which represents CME Pro and Keith McMillan Industries (KMI), Changsha Hotone Audio Co.,Ltd., Cherub Music Technology, Dongguan Midiplus, Focusrite, Guangzhou Pearl River, Kawai, Medeli, MIDI plus, M-Live, Pioneer DJ, Ringway, Shanghai Huaxin Musical Instrument Co Ltd, Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co.,LTD., Steinway, and Yamaha. 

They will be joined by some of the entrants to the Chinese Music Choice Awards and The MIDI Innovation Awards including the following entrants. 


MIDI Innovation Award Entrant Hitar


MIDI Innovation Award Entrant Instachord


MIDI Innovation Award Entrant Musimoto

Music Tapestry

MIDI Innovation Award Entrant Music Tapestry (Casio)

We are looking forward to meeting our many friends from Music China in person after so many years!