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The MIDI Association Announces #DigMyRig Contest

Thousands in Prizes Open to All TMA Members

The MIDI Association (TMA), a global community of people who use MIDI to create music and art, has announced the first #DigMyRig contest. Sponsored in cooperation with media partner Broadjam, the contest is a celebration of more than 30 years of MIDI, and its impact on modern music.

The contest brings together MIDI users of all backgrounds and levels of experience and expertise, offering an opportunity to share their stories and their setups, and a chance to win prizes worth thousands.

The #DigMyRig Contest is open to all TMA members. Membership is free — join online for information on entering a photo or video of your MIDI rig. Info and entry instructions can be found on The MIDI Association’s website at www.midi.org. Prizes have been donated by TMA members including Roland, Yamaha, Gibson, iConnectivity, and many more.

The first prize winner will take home a selection of MIDI gear worth over $3000, including a Roland JP-08 synthesizer, Yamaha DTX Multi 12 controller, Cubase Pro 8.5 workstation software, Steinberg UR44 interface, and much more. 

Second prize, worth more than $2000, includes a Yamaha Reface CS synth, Roland TR8 Rhythm Performer, Steinberg UR242 interface, and more. 

The third place winner will be awarded over $1000 in gear, including a Zivix Jamstick, Steinberg 22 Mk 2 interface, and Yamaha UD-BT01 MIDI Bluetooth interface.All three winning bundles also include an NVidia Shield Tablet, Korg NanoKONTROLStudio and NanoKEYStudio, and a free Broadjam membership.

To enter the #DigMyRig Contest, simply go to http://www.midi.org and register as a member of The MIDI Association (it’s free to join). The member portal page contains details on how to submit your photo and text showing off your MIDI gear to the contest. Winners will be selected by peer-to-peer voting. The contest will run from March 1 to June 30th. Prize details and photos can be found here- prize details.

Help us celebrate MIDI by sharing how you use MIDI with other people who share your passion for technology..

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