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The Healing Power of Music Webinar -MIMM 2021 Week 1

Saturday May 8, 2021, May Is MIDI Month 2021 Webinar The Healing Power of Music

The webinar kicked off with Michael Boddicker who has played synthesizer, vocoder, accordion and keyboards on albums by many notables such as Quincy Jones, Randy Newman, The Manhattan Transfer and The Bee Gees and worked on many soundtracks including Saturday Night Fever, Battlestar Galactica and The Wiz.

Boddicker is a Board Member of The Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL), and he owns an audio post production facility, Sol7 (aka Sol Seven).
In 2019, he co-founded the Los Angeles synthesizer music festival, Synthplex.

He described his relationship with music and music therapy and his chance meeting while out for a neighborhood walk with Raffi Tachdjian.

Check out Synth Wizards interview with Micheal where he show off some sounds from his Moog System 55. 

Next Raffi Tachdjian MD, MPH, UCLA professor of allergy and pediatric pain specialist and founder of Children”s Music Fund talked about meeting the young patient pictured above during his time a Massachusetts General Hospital and that inspired him to get involved with music therapy (Raffi is a musician himself) and found Children’s Music Fund. 
In the past decade, CMF has become a leading organization to deliver research on the positive effects of music therapy in sick children and young adults.

Raffi connected with Suzanne B Hanser who was at Berklee College of Music at the time. Dr. Hanser has a long list of accomplishments.  

  • Professor and Chair Emerita of the Music Therapy Department at Berklee College of Music.
  • Past President of the World Federation of Music Therapy
  • Past President of the National Association for Music Therapy 
  • Current president of the International Association for Music and Medicine. 

It was an incredible honor to have someone who is so important to the world of music therapy attend our webinar and give an impassioned speech about the healing power of music. 

Recently there were studies done on the number of people who feel that they are having symptoms of anxiety.  In 2019, the percentage of people in the US was 8 percent. In studies completed last month, that number has risen to 30 percent.  Given all that is going on the in world.  we all could use the healing power of music so we wanted to share one of the many free Youtube videos from Berklee College of Music that are targeted to help ANYONE apply the basic principles of and reap the benefits of music therapy.  

In this episode, Suzanne explains the ISO principle.  Simply put, most people think that if you are feeling anxious, you should start listening to calming music right away.  But that is actually not how your brain works.  This video will teach you how to apply the ISO principle and develop your own music playlist to get from one mood to another.  

As with all music therapy, this has been researched, tested and documented and it just works.

Walter Werzowa is the founder of Healthtunes.org. HealthTunes® is an audio streaming service designed to improve one’s physical and mental health by pairing medical research with active music links. Binaural beats and isochronic tones are embedded within HealthTunes® music which are two different methods used for brain wave entrainment.

A binaural beat is an auditory phenomenon when two different sine waves, with a close frequency rate, are perceived by an individual through each ear. This experience enables the listener to perceive a third tone. The third tone is a binaural beat.

HealthTunes has been endorsed by UCLA Health Nephrology, UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, and the music artist Moby.

You may have heard much more of Walter’s music than you know. He has designed the sonic branding for Intel, T Mobile, Fox Sports, Samsung and many others.


HealthTunes – Music for Health

HealthTunes® is a streaming audio service designed to improve your physical and mental health.


Musikvergnuegen | Audio Branding and Custom Scoring

Experts in audio branding, custom scoring and sound design for film, broadcast, advertising, and VR. We are an all-inclusive music production studio. Home of the Intel sonic branding mnemonic audio identity.

There is a new project that we didn’t get to cover in the webinar, but wanted to share here.   Walter is using AI and MIDI to work on Beethoven’s Unfinished Symphony. 

That’s a project that sounds like it deserves a complete article on MIDI.org in the near future. 

With an extensive background in the music field, Lori Frazer is the lead program facilitator and technical specialist for the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute. She trains and supports hospital and clinical staff, as well as research teams. Lori’s expertise extends into medical, as well as retirement communities, senior centers, and special programs that enable people with a host of challenges to enjoy the benefits of creative musical expression.  She described her work over the past decade with the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute. 

Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute (YMWI) continues to be actively engaged in exploring the impact of creative musical expression on the human genome as presented in two peer-reviewed scientific research investigations

Alton Mitchell, the Minster of Worship and Arts at Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church. He spoke to us from his piano lab and explained how the church pioneered a study on using creative musical expression as a catalyst for reducing cardiovascular risk factors. Active participation in vocal and instrumental gospel music is not only enjoyable but good for the heart and soul. Rodman Street’s Health Ministry is making waves, and creating national news.