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Tag: Max /MSP

EasyController – By 42Percent Noir

Easily connect your MIDI with Unity, Max/MSP and openFramework – and control them all at the same time

EasyController is a standalone virtual tool for live performance. We use it in our audio-visual performance to map our midi controllers and presets while we are juggling between Unity, Max/MSP, and openFramework.

For example, it enables us to control our visual in Unity and the audio in Max/MSP, allowing back and forth communication between the software and the Midi controller using a virtual representation.

This gives us a standard and easy way of programming the midi gestures, and importantly to focus on the creative development and enjoy the live performance.

EasyController is available for free on MacOS and can be downloaded from our website – 42noir.com/es

And a short tutorial is available on our Youtube – https://youtu.be/ptsnJpHuKZ8

Hope you’ll enjoy this one, Shalti & Gil from 42Percent Noir – 42noir.com