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Sensel Morph at CES 2018

Sensel was at CES 2018 and we were excited to get a chance to play with the Sensel Morph and check out its capabilities. 

Here is a brief overview of what the Sensel Morph does. 

Digital artists rely on more than just one tool to tell their story. Until now, almost all those tools are bulky, take a lot of power, and don’t capture the full range of human touch. The Morph puts all those tools into one mobile, versatile package. Easily swap between wireless keyboard, making a melody, or cutting up your video. The Morph puts creative power in your hands where you need it when you want it. 


by Sensel

 The very cool thing about the Sensel Morph is that you can get different overlays and instantly change what MIDI messages the Pressure Grid™ sends.

We got a chance to get with Scott Isaacson from Sensel and have him explain exactly what makes the Sensel Morph one of the most sensitive and innovative MIDI controllers around. 

Here is a performance by Henry Strange and Suniel Fox showing off what the Morph can do in a musical context.