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MMA at 2013 International CES – January 8-11, 2013

​This year at CES we previewed our MIDI Makes Music promotional campaign, sponsored by a coalition of leading industry companies and organizations including, Roland, Yamaha, Gibson, Fishman, Dave Smith Instruments, Korg, Dream, Mediamation, NAMM, AES, Keyboard Magazine, Electronic Musician Magazine and Robertson Communications.

MMA CES Booth 2013

Our booth featured graphics and handouts explaining that MIDI is a Grammy®-winning technology that enables people to use electronic musical instruments along with computers and mobile devices to compose, record, notate, arrange, perform and learn about music.

We also displayed our new “MIDI Makes Music” introductory video about the past, present, and future of MIDI technology. The video describes how MIDI was developed in 1983 and how it has become ubiquitous in music creation and production over the past 30 years.