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Zivix builds innovative electronic instruments and connected software to inspire, educate and empower musicians and creative professionals.
Our Jamstik MIDI Guitars bring MIDI capability to guitarists of all skill levels.  

The original Jamstik is named one of Pop Science’s best inventions of the year and finds crowdfunding success on Indiegogo and is soon followed up by the puc MIDI interface. Both products ship to over 200 retail locations.
Zivix utilizes new Bluetooth Technology to update the product line and raises over $800,000 via Kickstarter. Through our commitment to giving back, we donated over 150 Jamstik’s to EDU and Music Therapy causes.
Zivix expands sales channels and finds success as part of the Amazon Launchpad Program. The jamstik+ also became available for Android users. Also this year, AirJamz is launched and is well received by the Music Therapy communities, US Air Guitarists, and air guitar enthusiasts around the world.
Zivix announces the next-generation Jamstik Smart Guitars, the Jamstik 7 and Jamstik 12—to be launched on Indiegogo Spring 2018.

Winter NAMM 2019:
Zivix Showcases latest Jamstik® 7 Smart Guitar & Celebrates Donation to the NAMM Foundation to Support Music Education

July, 2019

The Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar
Winter NAMM 2020:

Jamstik Launches Flagship Studio MIDI Guitar


  • https://jamstik.com/
  • 4150 Olson Memorial Hwy, Suite 400
    Golden Valley
    United States