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MIDI Electronic Light Scape Device (“eLSD”)

“Manipulate the state of your mind” using Light Scape sequences. Enjoy the psychedelic color experience that the eLSD is inducing. It gently pulses light and color in front of your eyes, influencing your brain waves and the state of your mind. Create your own Light Scape sequences (The eLSD is a USB-MIDI device). 

We have seen lots of MIDI devices, but this has to be one of the most unique. 

Here what the inventor of the MIDI Googles says about the benefits.

Benefits for you:
Increase your creative potential – super charge the creative power of your mind – intensify your “awake” state – be in control of your creative energy – turn ON your creative mind when you need it … and be the best you can be !

Be in total control of the Light Scape experience – take your electronic Light Scape Device anywhere – be part of the new wave of mind expanding electronic devices – make your own personal Sound and Light Scape – share your Sound and Light Scapes with others on  www.eLSD.com.au   …  and let others participate on your creation.

Enjoy the psychedelic color experience the eLSD is inducing – train your mind for a lucid dreaming experience – slow down your brain waves before going to bed for a better sleep – use the electronic Light Scape Device as a relaxation and meditation aid or use it as a potential learning aid for accelerated learning of languages and more.

by www.eLSD.com.au

It sounds pretty whacky, but there is actually a good deal of hard science about Brain Entrainment


Edmonton Neurotherapy: Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation/Neuromodulation Therapies

Information on non-invasive brain stimulation/neuromodulation technologies employed at Edmonton Neurotherapy to treat psychoneurophysiological disorders. Includes information on audio-visual entrainment (AVE), cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS), and bio-acoustical utilization device (BAUD) brain stimulation technologies.