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MIDI at CES 2023

The MIDI Association and MIDI Association members were at CES in Las Vegas

The MIDI Association has had a long relationship with CES as an Affiliated Association.   

CES helps to support organizations that maintain technical standards like MIDI. 

At the 2023 CES show, there were a number of MIDI Association companies that also participated in the show. 

In fact, PTZ Optics and Roland both won best in show prizes.  Here is a quick wrap up of MIDI at the CES Show 2023. 

Major Trends-Games In Cars

At the last Game Developers Conference, we hosted a panel on the possibilities of games in automobiles and at this CES, Reuters confirmed that this was indeed a growing industry trend. 


Got game? Automakers show off in-car entertainment options at CES | Reuters

What started out as a novelty offered by Elon Musk to Tesla owners has turned into table stakes in the next generation of electric vehicles.

The MIDI Association Booth

At our MIDI Association booth, we featured a wide variety of MIDI controllers which drew a lot of attention. 

BLE controllers like the Genki ring, the Oddball and the SOM-1 attracted interest because they showcase how small, yet powerful MIDI devices can be. 

The Novation Launchpad and Embodme Arae Touch always intrigue people because of their unique designs and colorful flashing displays. 

But perhaps the product that got the most attention was the Protozoa because of its Open Source design based on an affordable and available Pico chipset and of course because of its MIDI 2.0 capabilities. 

During the show we were able to meet with tons of people who used MIDI every day and many developers who expressed interest in participating in the MIDI Innovation Awards 2023. 

Analog Devices

Analog Devices MIDI 2.0 A2B Demo at CES 2023

Analog Devices was showing working prototypes of MIDI 2.0 over A2B.  A four piece band was connected together for both audio and MIDI by inexpensive cabling. 


Embodme was not only showing their Erae Touch MIDI Controller (which is already running MIDI 2.0 UMP messages internally), but a brand new technology called Super Iris targeted at the growing digital advertising market. 

You can now interact safely with contact-free hovering technology. This is ideal for input devices used in medical, industrial, and public facilities applications such as automatic check-in machines, automatic ticket dispensers, vending machines, ATMs, and elevators. Prevent the spread of viruses while engaging customers to use Self Check-in Kiosks.

by Embodme

PTZ Optics

PTZOptics was showing off their MIDI controlled Pan Tilt Zoom  cameras and also won a Best In Show award from VideoMaker for their PTZOptics Studio Pro. 


CES 2023: PTZOptics Studio Pro wins Best Webcam – Videomaker

The PTZOptics Studio Pro is a big upgrade from standard web cameras. Design for streamers and creators, it offers 1080p video at 60 fps.


Roland had a large, impressive booth at the very front of the Central Hall.  They displayed a wide range of products, but we’ll focus on a few of the standouts.  

Roland’s 50th Anniversary Concept Piano

Roland showed a 50th Anniversary Concept Piano complete with Drone Speakers! 


Soaring Sound: Meet the Piano of the Future, the Roland 50th Anniversary Concept Piano – Roland Articles

Stunning and adventurous, Roland’s 50th Anniversary Concept Piano combines sound, design, and connectivity into an instrument of the future.

Bridge Cast Dual Bus Audio Mixer for Gaming

Take online gaming sound to the next level with BRIDGE CAST, your all-in-one solution for premium livestream audio. This customizable desktop hub is packed with secret weapons to take out the competition, including dual sound mixes, vocal transformer effects, music playback, sound effects, and support for a broadcast-grade mic and headphones. In the heat of the battle, BRIDGE CAST ensures that your audio is always as epic as your gameplay.

by Roland

The Bridge Cast also won a Best In Show award from Videomaker. 


CES 2023: Roland BRIDGE CAST wins Best Mixer – Videomaker

Roland announced their new BRIDGE CAST dual bus gaming mixer at CES 2023 for livestreamers looking to up their stream game.

Kicking off the 40th Anniversary of MIDI

CES was a perfect way to kick off the year long celebration of the 40th anniversary of MIDI.