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Reclouder-Hardware, Mobile App and Cloud Service


Reclouder- personal hybrid recorder 

MMA member CME based in Singapore was at Music China in October, 2019 and their new concept called Reclouder received an award as "Most Innovative Newcomer".

Reclouder is a unique idea and actually more than just another hardware product. It's actually a totally unique approach to solving recording for all creators including musicians, bands, DJs, and videographers. 

What reclouder is  

 Reclouder has three main components. 


Reclouder hardware

  • Standalone two-channel audio recorder
  • Professional mic pre-amp for high quality audio
  • Compatible with all microphones (studio / live / video)
  • One-touch device control and record activation
  • Record instantly on removable SDHC card up to 32 GB
  • Upload automatically into the cloud with Wi-Fi internet
  • Unlimited device expansion for endless multitrack recording
  • Never miss exciting moment with smart record functions
  • Low profile and sturdy hard design for heavy usage on stage
  • Mountable to DSLR or camcorder with optional accessory

Mobile App

  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones
  • Link an unlimited amount of devices with bluetooth networking
  • Control the entire audio recording network with one touch
  • Start / Stop all units from the palm of your hand
  • Track, session, storage, device & user management

Cloud Service

  • Secure multitrack storage in the cloud
  • Start, pause and resume cloud uploading anytime with auto-sync upload
  • Automatically synchronise multitracks in same session
  • Compatible with all DAWs and audio production software tools
  • Enhance your audio with online mix & master services

What reclouder isn't 

 With anything really unique and new, it is often necessary to explain what it is not. 

CME listed these things on their Blog.  But we have added some commentary of our own after looking at a lot of different information. 

  • Reclouder is not a scam
CME has released many innovative products in the past and has a reputation for being innovative. Their company moto is Always One Step Ahead.  They were one of the first companies to release a Bluetooth MIDI keyboard the Xkey Air. 
  • Reclouder is not a toy
The hardware product well designed with professional quality combo connectors and mic pre-amp .
  • Reclouder is not an audio over Bluetooth recorder
Audio is recorded internally to a Smart Card or if WIFI available via WIFI
  • Reclouder is not a content grabber that steals your copyrights

You control who has access to your Cloud files

  • Reclouder is not a replacement for a (live) mixing console
  • Reclouder is not comparable with recording on your mobile phone
  • Reclouder is not an audio interface
  • Reclouder is not replacing the sound engineer

Actually all of the above questions can have one simple answer. 

You have one dedicated combo input that can record mono (mic) and stereo (line). We've added a combo mic/line lossless audio thru option, especially useful for recording live music with a PA mixer. As you might have noticed there is no instrument input. We designed Reclouder as a microphone thru box. For guitar and bass players this means you either connect your pedalboard or your amp output on stage. This will keep your live recordings close to the original live sound your audience is experiencing.Enter your quote here...

by Reclouder

So what does this have to do with MIDI? 

One of the new technologies in the Reclouder is an innovative Bluetooth Mesh network to send synchronous recording MIDI commands from its mobile app to multiple Reclouders. This is the first time in the world MIDI is implemented in a Bluetooth Mesh Network, allowing you to control an unlimited amount of Reclouders via MIDI control messages simultaneously. This provides an easy to operate solution for decentralised multitrack recording. 

For more information, go to the Reclouder Indiegogo page.


Reclouder: Smart audio recording | Indiegogo

The fastest and easiest way to capture, store and sync high-quality audio recordings with one | Check out 'Reclouder: Smart audio recording' on Indiegogo.
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