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DrumSpider - MIDI -> Light Interface for beginner drummers

          Group of passion electronics and musicians created DrumSpider - the device to learn how to play the drums in 5 minutes.

They just launched Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

DrumSpider is the device which mounted on your drum kit will show you exactly how to play any song you wish. 8 ultra bright LED diodes fixed on flexible legs will highlight the drum kit component which needs to be hit in that time. It comes with application which allows you to play any popular song from MIDI format with possibility to adjust the song tempo to your individual needs. Playing the drums was never so easy before.

Drum Spider is the MIDI - light interface.

You can use it with any DAW program or any application to play MIDI files. When you connect / pair it wireless with your computer, tablet or smartphone it will be recognized as standalone MIDI device.

MIDI is the standardized format to save the music in digital format as notes used e.g. for Karaoke.

You can generate MIDI Files e.g. from tabs.

You can also find hundreds of thousands free MIDI files in internet. There is almost every song there.

You will get free sample database of very popular rock songs with DrumSpider.

It comes also with DrumSpider application which allows you to play MIDI files with possibility to adjust the speed/tempo.

The MIDI file or only selected section of it can be played both on DrumSpider and your headphones at the same time so you can see and hear what to play.

DrumSpider is using different colors to show you what exactly should you do with hi-hat (open/pedal/closed) and ride (middle/bell) .

Ultra bright LED diodes will highlight all of your drum set components very well in proper time. 

If you want to see more information or support the campaign it's available under link on the top.

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