The community of people who work, play and create with MIDI The MIDI Association’s mission is to nurture an inclusive global community of people who create music and art with MIDI. The www.MIDI.org website is the central repository of information about anything related to MIDI technology, from classic legacy gear to next- gen protocols on the horizon.

Tsutomu Katoh and Korg


Early History KORG's founder, Tsutomu Katoh was born in Nagoya on August 28, 1926 (Taisho 15) to a merchant family that ran a livestock feed wholesale business along the Iida Highway. These were tough times in Japan. The Great Kanto Earthquake had hit the capital city of Tokyo directly in 1923, leaving 140,000 people dead and missing. The impact of...

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MIDI Association Member Newzik Goes Beyond Sheet Music

MIDI Association Member Newzik Goes Beyond Sheet Music

Newzik is a Paris based MIDI Association member that has a unique approach to notation.  They offer a range of notation products that focus on classical orchestral scores and are used by a number of world renown orchestras and ensembles.  One of the most interesting parts of Muzik's technology is their AI driven OMR technol...

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Bob Moog Foundation Launches Fundraising Raffle for Vintage Minimoog Model D Signed by Geddy Lee of Rush


The Bob Moog Foundation is excited to announce its fundraising raffle for a fully restored vintage Minimoog synthesizer signed by Geddy Lee, the legendary synthesist, bassist, and vocalist for the band Rush. The raffle begins on February 6 and ends on February 27, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET, or when all 10,000 tickets sell out, whichever comes first. Th...

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The Interactive Audio Special Interest Group of The MIDI Association

IASIG_logo_26x10 The Interactive Audio Special Interest Group of The MIDI Association representing Game Audio Professionals

The IASIG is an organization in partnership with the International Game Developer's Association (IGDA) and MIDI Association (TMA) that brings together experts to share their knowledge and help improve the state of the art in audio for games, websites, VR content, and other interactive performances. Our members share tips and techniques, study trend...

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MIDI@40 and Hip-Hop@50 Anniversary Celebrations Await at The 2023 NAMM


The 2023 NAMM Show will celebrate two of history's most impactful musical innovations: the 40th anniversary of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) with MIDI@40 and the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, with Hip-Hop@50. Each day of the show, which takes place April 13–15, in Anaheim, California, will offer the intertwined stor...

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MIDI at CES 2023


The MIDI Association and MIDI Association members were at CES in Las Vegas The MIDI Association has had a long relationship with CES as an Affiliated Association.    CES helps to support organizations that maintain technical standards like MIDI.  At the 2023 CES show, there were a number of MIDI Association companies that also p...

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MIDI History Chapter 7- MIDI Associations (1983-1985)

dave_smith_at_namm_show_1983 Roland Jupiter 6 and Sequential Prophet 600 at 1983 Winter NAMM

MIDI in 1983 - It seems to work, but what's next? In Chapter 6 of the History of MIDI, we left off with the demonstration of MIDI at the 1983 NAMM show.   John Bowen, head of sound design for Sequential had recounted that he had been busy finishing the presets for the Prophet 600 and that although Sequential had tested the Prophet 60...

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Dave Smith and Sequential Circuits

Dave-TransAmerica-Tint-SMALL2 Dave Smith with the Technical Grammy for MIDI

Dave Smith was born in San Francisco in 1950 and like Dave Rossum grew up in the Bay Area in the 1950s.  He took piano lessons as a child and started playing bass and guitar in rock bands in high school because it was after all the 1960s in San Francisco.  When the record Switched on Bach came out in 1968, Dave bo...

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Roger Linn and Roger Linn Design

Dave-and-Roger Dave Smith and Roger Linn

Roger Linn was born in Whittier, California in 1955.  Roger learn to play guitar growing up in the 1960s and when he was in high school, he started messing around with electronics.  While in high school I modified a fuzz tone product called the Foxx Tone Machine with some simple filters to make it s...

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Tom Oberheim and Oberheim Electronics

Oberheim-System-2 The Oberheim System (a precursor to MIDI)

 Tom Oberheim was born in Manhattan, Kansas in 1936.  In junior high school, he started building HiFi amplifiers for friends probably based on the same articles in Popular Mechanics that his contemporaries Bob Moog (1934) and Don Buchla (1937) were reading.   He was also listening to a lot of Jazz music ...

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