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MIDI 2.0


Where Can I Learn More About the Logo Licensing Program?

You can download all the details, including the Logo Licensing agreement, in the adjacent Download link. 

The MIDI 2.O Logo Is Available To Any company that:

  • Determines a product qualifies for the MIDI 2.0 logo
  •  Signs the MIDI Association Logo Licensing Agreement
  •  Self-certifies that the product meets the MIDI 2.0 logo requirements
  •  Completes and Submits the MIDI 2.0 Logo Implementation Checklist for the Product
  • Is either a corporate member in good standing of The MIDI Association or pays the requisite fee for non-member usage

Can companies and individuals make MIDI 2.0 products without signing the logo license agreement?

  • Yes, The MIDI Association provides all of the MIDI 2.0 specifications on our website at no charge
  • MIDI is free to use and always will be
  • There are free open source resourced available to help
  • You do not need a  license to create a MIDI 2.0 product, only to use The MIDI Association’s logo and to be listed on The MIDI Association’s website