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Midicake ARP

Elevator Pitch

Midicake ARP

An innovative, parametric approach to musical sequence generation and harmony. MIDICAKE ARP integrates with other MIDI devices enabling simultaneous composition and performance.

Product Description

Midicake ARP

ARP is a 4-channel Parametric Arpeggiator that shares global scale and tempo to keep everything synchronized and in harmony. The deterministic sequence engine helps you create inspiring musical ideas while ensuring repeatability. The powerful and flexible chord machine lets even musical beginners explore new and exciting possibilities.

How It’s Innovative

The parametric approach to creating arpeggios and sequences, whereby each parameter controls a specific aspect of the musical sequence, is a completely new way to make music. One in which MIDI processing manages the music theory, thus allowing the user to concentrate on the flow of melody and harmony.

ARP has independent control of note timing and rhythm, sequence execution, and pitch selection which takes MIDI sequencing to a whole new level.

Equally, ARP’s ability to run its 4 independent sequences in virtually any time signature is revolutionary in MIDI. Do you want 5, 7, 9,11,13 beats per bar, with no discernable timing issues? You can with MIDICAKE ARP.

The deterministic engine ensures that no matter when you make a parameter change, the generated sequence behaves predictably. For the same input, you always get the same output. The result is that one can purposefully design music in a creative process rather than relying on chance.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

As a melody designer, generative sequence builder, or ideas machine, ARP’s powerful pattern builders and MIDI modulators, that target any of ARP’s 40 parameters, give you almost unlimited scope for creative exploration. This means that one can craft very long non-repetitive melodies which can be developed live for continuous delight!

Expansion Plans

MIDICAKE ARP epitomises continuous innovation. Update 6 is about to be released which adds a whole tranche of innovative features, as have the previous four updates. Current development plans have updates defined through to number 8.


Midicake ARP is to be retailed via the midicake.com website and sold directly to customers worldwide.