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Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar

Elevator Pitch

Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar

An electric guitar with a digital heart—the Jamstik Classic MIDI guitar is a versatile, 22-fret electric guitar with precise MIDI control.

Product Description

Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar

The Jamstik Classic MIDI guitar is a 22-fret electric guitar with full MIDI compatibility. Powered by Jamstik signal processing technology and proprietary algorithms, the Jamstik MIDI guitar line represents state of the art MIDI guitar performance built into a convenient all-in-one solution. The 22-fret electric guitar has an alder wood body, roasted maple neck and fretboard, HSS pickup configuration, 5-position toggle switch, 2 tone knobs, 1 volume knob, and a standard 1/4” out for connecting to amps and interfaces. On the digital side, a precision-mounted hex MIDI pickup sends signal to powerful onboard processors, which perform algorithmic pitch analysis & MIDI conversion. MIDI-out options include a USB-C to USB-A cable or a 3.5mm TRS-MIDI cable. Users can also connect wirelessly to mobile phones and devices via Bluetooth. As a class-compliant MIDI controller, the Jamstik works plug and play with any MIDI compatible DAWs, plugins, and apps. Jamstik also offers free compatible software for desktop and mobile. The Jamstik Creator software is both a utility application for customizing the Jamstik’s settings (like string sensitivity, MIDI mode, tuning, etc.) and a full hybrid synthesizer with over 200 presets. Jamstik Creator is available as a standalone application for Mac & PC, and as a VST3 or AUv3 plugin to use within a DAW. The Jamstik team has also released a new mobile companion app for iOS and Android called Jamstik Control. Users can connect via Bluetooth or USB to adjust settings on the fly, tune their MIDI guitar, play a variety of sounds in-app, and select from a large variety of scale and chord overlays to sharpen their skills and fretboard knowledge.

How It’s Innovative

The Jamstik MIDI guitars are capable of handling guitar nuances and techniques like polyphonic bends, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, muting, tapping, etc., and are the only MPE-capable MIDI guitars on the market—providing the most natural and accurate analog-to-digital translation. While keyboard controllers utilize “aftertouch” information, the Jamstik measures the amplitude of the string, tracking the envelopes of the notes and mapping the MIDi data as expression (MIDI CC11). MPE also allows for each string of the guitar to be assigned to independent MIDI channels, giving each string its own line of communication with your DAW.

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