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Elevator Pitch


Elk LIVE lets musicians connect online and play music together like they’re in the same room, sharing audio and MIDI in real-time from different locations.

Product Description


Elk LIVE is your everywhere rehearsal space, studio, and stage. It requires nothing more than a standard internet connection and cuts out the need for traveling and dimly lit rehearsal rooms. The Elk LIVE Bridge is the starting point for Elk LIVE and has all the I/O you need. It requires no additional hardware or troublesome installations. Just plug in, launch the Elk LIVE Studio and you’re ready to do what Elk LIVE is all about – make music. Elk LIVE Studio is your browser-based user interface that connects to your Elk LIVE Bridge for hands-on monitoring controls and a video dashboard for an immersive studio experience.

How It’s Innovative

In a time when everyone is taking remote work for granted musicians are still left behind. With Elk LIVE musicians don’t have to pack up their instruments to go play together, but instead, be spontaneous and connect with one another whenever creativity strikes, wherever they are. ELk LIVE introduced several new opportunities for musicians to be creative and expand their use of MIDI gear and instruments: 1) Play a MIDI instrument LIVE in a remote location. 2) Record MIDI tracks live from a player in a different location. 3) Have a joint performance from different places sharing MIDI data on the fly.

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Elk LIVE expands the use of all existing MIDI gear and instruments that a musician already owns. Connecting live over the internet adds a new dimension that has been missing for musicians since… forever.

Expansion Plans

Elk LIVE is currently being sold to producers, musicians, and schools in Europe and North America with great feedback from the users. Going forward, we will continue to work on the product experience by adding more features such as recording, live streaming, and a social platform to find others to play with. Our ambition is to build and maintain a global social network of musicians and to enable live sessions that otherwise would not be possible. Enabling more music-making is what it’s all about for us at Elk.


Elk LIVE and the Elk LIVE Bridges are already launched and available at elk.live. The MIDI feature is released in 2022.