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Fun with MIDI

Here’s a collection of articles about some of the more entertaining MIDI projects we have covered on the site.


MIDI and Robots –

​We have a soft spot for robots…….People who tinker with robots, art installations and circuit bending are right in our wheelhouse They seem to share a passion for pushing the limits of what MIDI can do. Here’s a quick selection of some of our favorite MIDI robots curated from the web.


Novalia Partners with Bud Light and McDonalds: Bluetooth MIDI Happy Meals –

MMA member Novalia has recently had two very successful partnerships to bring interactive conductive ink installations to SXSW and McDonald’s locations in the Netherlands.


Sky Magic Live at Mt.Fuji :MIDI Controlled LED Drones –

Okay, I admit it. ‘m a sucker for this sort of thing. First, I have been into MIDI my whole life. Second, I lived in Japan for 7 years and have climbed Mt Fuji (twice).Third, I love the combination of MIDI and art especially visuals, 


ALMA Sound: True Music of the Spheres –

There has always been a connection between astronomy and music. In fact, if you go all the way back to the ancient Greeks, Pythagoras first identified the relationship between musical pitch and numerical ratios. He discovered the ratio, 2:1, of the o


Conlon Nancarrow and Black MIDI –

Conlon Nancarrow and impossible music. In an earlier MIDI history blog, we talked about the strange symbiotic relationship between player pianos and MIDI. But one of the things we didn’t talk about was Conlon Nancarrow, the 20th century American composer and his relationship to Black MIDI. 


Animusic-MIDI-Driven Computer Animation –

Animusic produces innovative music animation by leveraging MIDI data in creating “virtual concerts”. The animation of graphical instrument elements is generated using proprietary software called MIDImotionTM. 


The Great American Horn Machine GAHM –

The loudest MIDI instrument ever ? Dana Dolfi has created what is probably the loudest MIDI controlled instrument ever made out of recycled ship, truck and train air horns and steam whistles.


MIDI Electronic Light Scape Device (“eLSD”) –

Manipulate the state of your mindusing Light Scape sequences. Enjoy the psychedelic color experience that the eLSD is inducing. It gently pulses light and color in front of your eyes, influencing your brain waves and the state of your mind. 


MIDI’s Not Scary — Unless it’s Halloween! –

It’s the week before Halloween, and a line stretches down around a corner. Muffled sounds of screams drown out the nervous laughter of the people in line as it creeps forward. As you round the corner and head towards the house, the light in the trees