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Date- Thursday, January 25, 2024
Time- 3:00 PM-3:40 PM
Location- MIDI Association NAMM Booth 10302

Robkoo Presents the R1 Wind Instrument

The Robkoo R1 Wind Synthesizer: A wind synth & controller with responsive RGB lights.

The Wind Synthesizer R1 is a new form of wind instrument created by Robkoo.

With its intuitive design, audio technology, and realistic sounds, R1 makes performing music easier than ever.

  • With sounds sampled from top performers around the globe, R1 saves 10 or even 20 years of practice to achieve the vibe of a pro.
  • Food grade mouthpiece- Same material as baby pacifier for utmost health protection. Multiple mouthpiece styles available.
  • Touch-sensing performance keys-Perform by touching the keys. Fast response, minimal noise, and maximum durability.
  • Independent semitone keys -Resemble the keys on an acoustic instrument. Play expressively in a realistic and graceful way.
  • Patch switch- Switch tones in a flash. Multiple functions assignable without interfering the play.
  • Triple octave keys- Break away from the limitation of acoustic instruments. Travel across wide octaves in light speed.
  • Mechanical pitch wheel-Reliable and intuitive. Pitch bend with your thumb. It is also customizable to trigger other controls like portamento.
  • High-accuracy gyroscope-Trigger performance techniques by simply shaking and waving. Pull up and down for vibrato, another articulation, and pitch bend.
  • Responsive RGB lights- The cyber style RGB light patterns display over 60,000 colors. The lights also respond to your breath and technique, adding a visual element to your play.
  • Learn in 15 minutes A dedicate interactive course guides you through all the basics in 15 minutes. Keep practicing for 2 weeks, you will be ready to perform.