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Date- Friday, January 26, 2024
Time- 5:00 PM-5:30 PM
Location- MIDI Association NAMM Booth 10302

Casio’s Music Tapestry

Casio’s Music Tapestry is a new musical analysis technology that visualizes musical performances in real-time and produces a piece of art.

Music Tapestry is a technology that creates pictures out of musical performances.

The technology references musical elements such as pitches and touch to generate evolving imagery in real time, which ultimately forms a single still image when the performer stops playing. Using musical performance analytics based on music theory,

Music Tapestry parses the subtleties of piano performances for tonality, beat/rhythm, chord, and chord progression and immediately translates these into colors and shapes such as flowers and leaves that match the feel of the music. Fun-spirited playing yields bright, cheery results, while chic approaches produce artwork with an accordingly refined ambiance.

Since it is impossible to play the same piece in the same way twice, the result is different with every performance, never generating exactly the same artwork.