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Date- Thursday, January 25, 2024
Time- 4:00 PM-4:40 PM
Location- MIDI Association NAMM Booth 10302

Audio Modeling Presents Camelot Pro and SWAM

Audio Modeling’s Camelot Pro was the winner in the MIDI Innovation Awards Commercial software category and their SWAM physically modeled instruments set the standard for realistic physical modeling

Audio Modeling SWAM Instruments

Embark on a new creative journey with SWAM technology and our expressive virtual instruments. Combine that with the power of Camelot Pro, and you’ll rediscover the joy of making music.
Add these innovative tools to your arsenal, and experience a fresh approach to music production and performance that awaits you.

Audio Modeling Camelot Pro

Camelot Pro is an application created to address the most complex live performance needs with a simple and guided workflow.
Camelot is a Setlist Manager, a Software Instrument & FX Host, a PDF Music Score reader, a Multitrack Audio Player, and the most advanced Audio/MIDI Patchbay and Router.