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Claude Woodward- The Sonic Manipulator

If you have never run across Claude Woodward, The Sonic Manipulator while searching the web then you really have to start with his own description of his origins. 

Greetings Earthlings,

I have had many interesting adventures on my way to becoming a spaceman, such is the nature of the convolutions of life.
After taking a spin out from Mars one day, many years ago, a blown ion drive forced me down to a little orchard outside Perth where, under the alias of Claude Woodward, I was raised by a pair of horticulturalists. I grew up in amongst a million different species of fruit, nuts and flowers; an idyllic little haven, but my brown thumb hastened me into a career as a keyboard player/sonic manipulator.

by Claude Woodward

So what exactly does this Martian stuck on earth do.  Well, he has been busking and creating weird, eccentric dance music for years. Here is an older video of him busking on the street and warning people that the Martian’s are coming ( and may drink all your beer!)

But for all his quirkiness, he actually develops some really cool DYI MIDI devices.  Check out his description of his home made keyboard set up. 

So if you hear that the Martian’s are coming, don’t worry they are MIDI Martians and very friendly!