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Becoming an author for MIDI.org

It’s easy to become an author for The MIDI Association. Simply join the MIDI Association as a member and then use the Contact form to tell us your username, a bit about your background and the MIDI topics you’d like to cover. 

We can then enable you as an author and give you access to our content management system which makes it easy to upload photos, embed Youtube videos and format your web article.

After you become an author, you can go sign into the site with your member name and password and then go to https://www.midi.org/create-blog-post

There are several templates available or you can start with a blank post.

 Here is a short video about how easy it is to use our Content Management System. 

Once you’re done creating your article you can submit it for approval.

Once your first article is approved, you can send us a photo and bio and we’ll create an author profile for you on the site. Join Craig Anderton, Mark Vail, Paul White and many other respected music journalists in contributing to the official webpage for the MIDI.