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AIR DJ controls Music, Visuals, and Lights with Motion

Air DJ displays new MIDI Controller at SXSW

There were some interesting new MIDI products introduced at SXSW.  One of them was the wireless BTLE MIDI controller for DMET Product Corporation. 

It can control sound, DJ Video software, and lights. Of course, it is all done by mapping MIDI signals and in some cases translating them to different protocols. 

Here is a video of the Air DJ in action at SXSW.

 It’s amazing how many Bluetooth MIDI products have been developed since the new BTLE MIDI spec was made official a few short years ago.


AirDJ by Dmet Products

AirDJ, a wearable controller that will change the style of performance.Simply by your motion, this palm sized device lets you control music, visual and lights.See you at SXSW 2018!