SysEx ID Number

Company Name 

00H [Used for ID Extensions]
01H Sequential Circuits
03H Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.
04H Moog Music
05H Passport Designs
06H Lexicon Inc.
07H Kurzweil / Young Chang
08H Fender
0AH AKG Acoustics
0BH Voyce Music
0CH WaveFrame (Timeline)
0DH ADA Signal Processors, Inc.
0EH Garfield Electronics
0FH Ensoniq
10H Oberheim
11H Apple
12H Grey Matter Response
13H Digidesign Inc.
14H Palmtree Instruments
15H JLCooper Electronics
16H Lowrey Organ Company
17H Adams-Smith
18H E-mu
19H Harmony Systems
1BH Baldwin
1CH Eventide
1DH Inventronics
1EH Key Concepts
1FH Clarity
20H Passac
21H Proel Labs (SIEL)
22H Synthaxe (UK)
23H Stepp
24H Hohner
25H Twister
26H Ketron s.r.l.
27H Jellinghaus MS
28H Southworth Music Systems
29H PPG (Germany)
2BH Solid State Logic Organ Systems
2CH Audio Veritrieb-P. Struven
2DH Neve
2EH Soundtracs Ltd.
2FH Elka
30H Dynacord
31H Viscount International Spa (Intercontinental Electronics)
32H Drawmer
33H Clavia Digital Instruments
34H Audio Architecture
35H Generalmusic Corp SpA
36H Cheetah Marketing
37H C.T.M.
38H Simmons UK
39H Soundcraft Electronics
3AH Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
3BH Wersi Gmbh
3CH AVAB Niethammer AB
3DH Digigram
3EH Waldorf Electronics GmbH
3FH Quasimidi
40H to 5FH [Assigned by AMEI for Japanese Manufacturers]
60H to 7FH [Reserved for Other Uses]
00H 00H 01H Time/Warner Interactive
00H 00H 02H Advanced Gravis Comp. Tech Ltd.
00H 00H 03H Media Vision
00H 00H 04H Dornes Research Group
00H 00H 05H K-Muse
00H 00H 06H Stypher
00H 00H 07H Digital Music Corp.
00H 00H 08H IOTA Systems
00H 00H 09H New England Digital
00H 00H 0AH Artisyn
00H 00H 0BH IVL Technologies Ltd.
00H 00H 0CH Southern Music Systems
00H 00H 0DH Lake Butler Sound Company
00H 00H 0EH Alesis Studio Electronics
00H 00H 0FH Sound Creation
00H 00H 01H Time/Warner Interactive
00H 00H 10H DOD Electronics Corp.
00H 00H 11H Studer-Editech
00H 00H 12H Sonus
00H 00H 13H Temporal Acuity Products
00H 00H 14H Perfect Fretworks
00H 00H 15H KAT Inc.
00H 00H 16H Opcode Systems
00H 00H 17H Rane Corporation
00H 00H 18H Anadi Electronique
00H 00H 19H KMX
00H 00H 1AH Allen & Heath Brenell
00H 00H 1BH Peavey Electronics
00H 00H 1CH 360 Systems
00H 00H 1DH Spectrum Design and Development
00H 00H 1EH Marquis Music
00H 00H 1FH Zeta Systems
00H 00H 20H Axxes (Brian Parsonett)
00H 00H 21H Orban
00H 00H 22H Indian Valley Mfg.
00H 00H 23H Triton
00H 00H 24H KTI
00H 00H 25H Breakaway Technologies
00H 00H 26H Leprecon / CAE Inc.
00H 00H 27H Harrison Systems Inc.
00H 00H 28H Future Lab/Mark Kuo
00H 00H 29H Rocktron Corporation
00H 00H 2AH PianoDisc
00H 00H 2BH Cannon Research Group
00H 00H 2CH Reserved
00H 00H 2DH Rodgers Instrument LLC
00H 00H 2EH Blue Sky Logic
00H 00H 2FH Encore Electronics
00H 00H 30H Uptown
00H 00H 31H Voce
00H 00H 32H CTI Audio, Inc. (Musically Intel. Devs.)
00H 00H 33H S3 Incorporated
00H 00H 34H Broderbund / Red Orb
00H 00H 35H Allen Organ Co.
00H 00H 36H Reserved
00H 00H 37H Music Quest
00H 00H 38H Aphex
00H 00H 39H Gallien Krueger
00H 00H 3AH IBM
00H 00H 3BH Mark Of The Unicorn
00H 00H 3CH Hotz Corporation
00H 00H 3DH ETA Lighting
00H 00H 3EH NSI Corporation
00H 00H 3FH Ad Lib, Inc.
00H 00H 40H Richmond Sound Design
00H 00H 41H Microsoft
00H 00H 42H Mindscape (Software Toolworks)
00H 00H 43H Russ Jones Marketing / Niche
00H 00H 44H Intone
00H 00H 45H Advanced Remote Technologies
00H 00H 46H White Instruments
00H 00H 47H GT Electronics/Groove Tubes
00H 00H 48H Pacific Research & Engineering
00H 00H 49H Timeline Vista, Inc.
00H 00H 4AH Mesa Boogie Ltd.
00H 00H 4BH FSLI
00H 00H 4CH Sequoia Development Group
00H 00H 4DH Studio Electronics
00H 00H 4EH Euphonix, Inc
00H 00H 4FH InterMIDI, Inc.
00H 00H 50H MIDI Solutions Inc.
00H 00H 51H 3DO Company
00H 00H 52H Lightwave Research / High End Systems
00H 00H 53H Micro-W Corporation
00H 00H 54H Spectral Synthesis, Inc.
00H 00H 55H Lone Wolf
00H 00H 56H Studio Technologies Inc.
00H 00H 57H Peterson Electro-Musical Product, Inc.
00H 00H 58H Atari Corporation
00H 00H 59H Marion Systems Corporation
00H 00H 5AH Design Event
00H 00H 5BH Winjammer Software Ltd.
00H 00H 5CH AT&T Bell Laboratories
00H 00H 5DH Reserved
00H 00H 5EH Symetrix
00H 00H 5FH MIDI the World
00H 00H 60H Spatializer
00H 00H 61H Micros 'N MIDI
00H 00H 62H Accordians International
00H 00H 63H EuPhonics (now 3Com)
00H 00H 64H Musonix
00H 00H 65H Turtle Beach Systems (Voyetra)
00H 00H 66H Loud Technologies / Mackie
00H 00H 67H Compuserve
00H 00H 68H BEC Technologies
00H 00H 69H QRS Music Inc
00H 00H 6AH P.G. Music
00H 00H 6BH Sierra Semiconductor
00H 00H 6CH EpiGraf
00H 00H 6DH Electronics Diversified Inc
00H 00H 6EH Tune 1000
00H 00H 6FH Advanced Micro Devices
00H 00H 70H Mediamation
00H 00H 71H Sabine Musical Mfg. Co. Inc.
00H 00H 72H Woog Labs
00H 00H 73H Micropolis Corp
00H 00H 74H Ta Horng Musical Instrument
00H 00H 75H e-Tek Labs (Forte Tech)
00H 00H 76H Electro-Voice
00H 00H 77H Midisoft Corporation
00H 00H 78H QSound Labs
00H 00H 79H Westrex
00H 00H 7AH Nvidia
00H 00H 7BH ESS Technology
00H 00H 7CH Media Trix Peripherals
00H 00H 7DH Brooktree Corp
00H 00H 7EH Otari Corp
00H 00H 7FH Key Electronics, Inc.
00H 01H 00H Shure Incorporated
00H 01H 01H AuraSound
00H 01H 02H Crystal Semiconductor
00H 01H 03H Conexant (Rockwell)
00H 01H 04H Silicon Graphics
00H 01H 05H M-Audio (Midiman)
00H 01H 06H PreSonus
00H 01H 08H Topaz Enterprises
00H 01H 09H Cast Lighting
00H 01H 0AH Microsoft Consumer Division
00H 01H 0BH Sonic Foundry
00H 01H 0CH Line 6 (Fast Forward) (Yamaha)
00H 01H 0DH Beatnik Inc
00H 01H 0EH Van Koevering Company
00H 01H 0FH Altech Systems
00H 01H 10H S & S Research
00H 01H 11H VLSI Technology
00H 01H 12H Chromatic Research
00H 01H 13H Sapphire
00H 01H 14H IDRC
00H 01H 15H Justonic Tuning
00H 01H 16H TorComp Research Inc.
00H 01H 17H Newtek Inc.
00H 01H 18H Sound Sculpture
00H 01H 19H Walker Technical
00H 01H 1AH Digital Harmony (PAVO)
00H 01H 1BH InVision Interactive
00H 01H 1CH T-Square Design
00H 01H 1DH Nemesys Music Technology
00H 01H 1EH DBX Professional (Harman Intl)
00H 01H 1FH Syndyne Corporation
00H 01H 20H Bitheadz
00H 01H 21H BandLab Technologies
00H 01H 22H Analog Devices
00H 01H 23H National Semiconductor
00H 01H 24H Boom Theory / Adinolfi Alternative Percussion
00H 01H 25H Virtual DSP Corporation
00H 01H 26H Antares Systems
00H 01H 27H Angel Software
00H 01H 28H St Louis Music
00H 01H 29H Passport Music Software LLC (Gvox)
00H 01H 2AH Ashley Audio Inc.
00H 01H 2BH Vari-Lite Inc.
00H 01H 2CH Summit Audio Inc.
00H 01H 2DH Aureal Semiconductor Inc.
00H 01H 2EH SeaSound LLC
00H 01H 2FH U.S. Robotics
00H 01H 30H Aurisis Research
00H 01H 31H Nearfield Research
00H 01H 32H FM7 Inc
00H 01H 33H Swivel Systems
00H 01H 34H Hyperactive Audio Systems
00H 01H 35H MidiLite (Castle Studios Productions)
00H 01H 36H Radikal Technologies
00H 01H 37H Roger Linn Design
00H 01H 38H TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies
00H 01H 39H Event Electronics
00H 01H 3AH Sonic Network Inc
00H 01H 3BH Realtime Music Solutions
00H 01H 3CH Apogee Digital
00H 01H 3DH Classical Organs, Inc.
00H 01H 3EH Microtools Inc.
00H 01H 3FH Numark Industries
00H 01H 40H Frontier Design Group, LLC
00H 01H 41H Recordare LLC
00H 01H 42H Starr Labs
00H 01H 43H Voyager Sound Inc.
00H 01H 44H Manifold Labs
00H 01H 45H Aviom Inc.
00H 01H 46H Mixmeister Technology
00H 01H 47H Notation Software
00H 01H 48H Mercurial Communications
00H 01H 49H Wave Arts
00H 01H 4AH Logic Sequencing Devices
00H 01H 4BH Axess Electronics
00H 01H 4CH Muse Research
00H 01H 4DH Open Labs
00H 01H 4EH Guillemot Corp
00H 01H 4FH Samson Technologies
00H 01H 50H Electronic Theatre Controls
00H 01H 51H Blackberry (RIM)
00H 01H 52H Mobileer
00H 01H 53H Synthogy
00H 01H 54H Lynx Studio Technology Inc.
00H 01H 55H Damage Control Engineering LLC
00H 01H 56H Yost Engineering, Inc.
00H 01H 57H Brooks & Forsman Designs LLC / DrumLite
00H 01H 58H Infinite Response
00H 01H 59H Garritan Corp
00H 01H 5AH Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc
00H 01H 5BH RJM Music Technology
00H 01H 5CH Custom Solutions Software
00H 01H 5DH Sonarcana LLC / Highly Liquid
00H 01H 5EH Centrance
00H 01H 5FH Kesumo LLC
00H 01H 60H Stanton (Gibson Brands)
00H 01H 61H Livid Instruments
00H 01H 62H First Act / 745 Media
00H 01H 63H Pygraphics, Inc.
00H 01H 64H Panadigm Innovations Ltd
00H 01H 65H Avedis Zildjian Co
00H 01H 66H Auvital Music Corp
00H 01H 67H You Rock Guitar (was: Inspired Instruments)
00H 01H 68H Chris Grigg Designs
00H 01H 69H Slate Digital LLC
00H 01H 6AH Mixware
00H 01H 6BH Social Entropy
00H 01H 6CH Source Audio LLC
00H 01H 6DH Ernie Ball / Music Man
00H 01H 6EH Fishman
00H 01H 6FH Custom Audio Electronics
00H 01H 70H American Audio/DJ
00H 01H 71H Mega Control Systems
00H 01H 72H Kilpatrick Audio
00H 01H 73H iConnectivity
00H 01H 74H Fractal Audio
00H 01H 75H NetLogic Microsystems
00H 01H 76H Music Computing
00H 01H 77H Nektar Technology Inc
00H 01H 78H Zenph Sound Innovations
00H 01H 79H DJTechTools.com
00H 01H 7AH Rezonance Labs
00H 01H 7BH Decibel Eleven
00H 01H 7DH Media Overkill
00H 01H 7EH Confusion Studios
00H 01H 7FH moForte Inc
00H 02H 00H Miselu Inc
00H 02H 01H Amelia's Compass LLC
00H 02H 02H Zivix LLC
00H 02H 03H Artiphon
00H 02H 04H Synclavier Digital
00H 02H 05H Light & Sound Control Devices LLC
00H 02H 06H Retronyms Inc
00H 02H 07H JS Technologies
00H 02H 08H Quicco Sound
00H 02H 09H A-Designs Audio
00H 02H 0AH McCarthy Music Corp
00H 02H 0BH Denon DJ
00H 02H 0CH Keith Robert Murray
00H 02H 0DH Google
00H 02H 0EH ISP Technologies
00H 02H 0FH Abstrakt Instruments LLC
00H 02H 10H Meris LLC
00H 02H 11H Sensorpoint LLC
00H 02H 12H Hi-Z Labs
00H 02H 13H Imitone
00H 02H 14H Intellijel Designs Inc.
00H 02H 15H Dasz Instruments Inc.
00H 02H 16H Remidi
00H 02H 17H Disaster Area Designs LLC
00H 02H 18H Universal Audio
00H 02H 19H Carter Duncan Corp
00H 02H 1AH Essential Technology
00H 02H 1BH Cantux Research LLC
00H 02H 1CH Hummel Technologies
00H 02H 1DH Sensel Inc
00H 02H 1EH DBML Group
00H 02H 1FH Madrona Labs
00H 02H 20H Mesa Boogie
00H 02H 21H Effigy Labs
00H 02H 22H Amenote
00H 02H 23H Red Panda LLC
00H 02H 24H OnSong LLC
00H 02H 25H Jamboxx Inc.
00H 02H 26H Electro-Harmonix 
00H 02H 27H RnD64 Inc
00H 02H 28H  Neunaber Technology LLC 
00H 02H 29H Kaom Inc.
00H 02H 2AH Hallowell EMC
00H 02H 2BH Sound Devices, LLC
00H 02H 2CH Spectrasonics, Inc
00H 02H 2DH Second Sound, LLC
00H 02H 2EH 8eo (Horn)
00H 02H 30H Matthews Effects
 00H 02H 31H Bright Blue Beetle
 00H 02H 32H Audio Impressions
 00H 02H 33H  Looperlative
00H 02H 34H  Steinway
00H 02H 35H Ingenious Arts and Technologies LLC
00H 02H 36H DCA Audio
00H 02H 37H Buchla USA
00H 02H 38H Sinicon
00H 02H 39H Isla Instruments
00H 02H 3AH Soundiron LLC
00H 02H 3BH Sonoclast, LLC
00H 02H 3CH Copper and Cedar
00H 02H 3DH Whirled Notes
00H 02H 3EH Cejetvole, LLC
 00H 02H 3FH DAWn Audio LLC
00H 02H 40H Space Brain Circuits
00H 02H 41H Caedence 
00H 02H 42H HCN Designs, LLC (The MIDI Maker)
00H 02H 43H PTZOptics
00H 02H 44H Noise Engineering
00H 02H 45H Synthesia LLC
00H 02H 46H Jeff Whitehead Lutherie LLC
00H 02H 47H Wampler Pedals Inc.
00H 02H 48H Tapis Magique
00H 02H 49H Leaf Secrets
00H 02H 4AH Groove Synthesis
00H 02H 4BH Audiocipher Technologies LLC
00H 02H 4CH Mellotron Inc.
00H 02H 4DH Hologram Electronics LLC
00H 02H 4EH iCON Americas, LLC
00H 02H 4FH Singular Sound
00H 02H 50H Genovation Inc
00H 02H 51H Method Red
00H 02H 52H Brain Inventions
00H 02H 53H Synervoz Communications Inc.
00H 02H 54H Hypertriangle Inc
European & Asia Group
SysEx ID Number Company Name
00H 20H 00H Dream SAS
00H 20H 01H Strand Lighting
00H 20H 02H Amek Div of Harman Industries
00H 20H 03H Casa Di Risparmio Di Loreto
00H 20H 04H Böhm electronic GmbH
00H 20H 05H Syntec Digital Audio
00H 20H 06H Trident Audio Developments
00H 20H 07H Real World Studio
00H 20H 08H Evolution Synthesis, Ltd
00H 20H 09H Yes Technology
00H 20H 0AH Audiomatica
00H 20H 0BH Bontempi SpA (Sigma)
00H 20H 0CH F.B.T. Elettronica SpA
00H 20H 0DH MidiTemp GmbH
00H 20H 0EH LA Audio (Larking Audio)
00H 20H 0FH Zero 88 Lighting Limited
00H 20H 10H Micon Audio Electronics GmbH
00H 20H 11H Forefront Technology
00H 20H 12H Studio Audio and Video Ltd.
00H 20H 13H Kenton Electronics
00H 20H 14H Celco/ Electrosonic
00H 20H 15H ADB
00H 20H 16H Marshall Products Limited
00H 20H 17H DDA
00H 20H 18H BSS Audio Ltd.
00H 20H 19H MA Lighting Technology
00H 20H 1AH Fatar SRL c/o Music Industries
00H 20H 1BH QSC Audio Products Inc.
00H 20H 1CH Artisan Clasic Organ Inc.
00H 20H 1DH Orla Spa
00H 20H 1EH Pinnacle Audio (Klark Teknik PLC)
00H 20H 1FH TC Electronics
00H 20H 20H Doepfer Musikelektronik GmbH
00H 20H 21H Creative ATC / E-mu
00H 20H 22H Seyddo/Minami
00H 20H 23H LG Electronics (Goldstar)
00H 20H 24H Midisoft sas di M.Cima & C
00H 20H 25H Samick Musical Inst. Co. Ltd.
00H 20H 26H Penny and Giles (Bowthorpe PLC)
00H 20H 27H Acorn Computer
00H 20H 28H LSC Electronics Pty. Ltd.
00H 20H 29H Focusrite/Novation
00H 20H 2AH Samkyung Mechatronics
00H 20H 2BH Medeli Electronics Co.
00H 20H 2CH Charlie Lab SRL
00H 20H 2DH Blue Chip Music Technology
00H 20H 2EH BEE OH Corp
00H 20H 2FH LG Semicon America
00H 20H 30H TESI
00H 20H 31H EMAGIC
00H 20H 32H Behringer GmbH
00H 20H 33H Access Music Electronics
00H 20H 34H Synoptic
00H 20H 35H Hanmesoft
00H 20H 36H Terratec Electronic GmbH
00H 20H 37H Proel SpA
00H 20H 38H IBK MIDI
00H 20H 39H IRCAM
00H 20H 3AH Propellerhead Software
00H 20H 3BH Red Sound Systems Ltd
00H 20H 3CH Elektron ESI AB
00H 20H 3DH Sintefex Audio
00H 20H 3EH MAM (Music and More)
00H 20H 3FH Amsaro GmbH
00H 20H 40H CDS Advanced Technology BV (Lanbox)
00H 20H 41H Mode Machines (Touched By Sound GmbH)
00H 20H 42H DSP Arts
00H 20H 43H Phil Rees Music Tech
00H 20H 44H Stamer Musikanlagen GmbH
00H 20H 45H Musical Muntaner S.A. dba Soundart
00H 20H 46H C-Mexx Software
00H 20H 47H Klavis Technologies
00H 20H 48H Noteheads AB
00H 20H 49H Algorithmix
00H 20H 4AH Skrydstrup R&D
00H 20H 4BH Professional Audio Company
00H 20H 4CH NewWave Labs (MadWaves)
00H 20H 4DH Vermona
00H 20H 4EH Nokia
00H 20H 4FH Wave Idea
00H 20H 50H Hartmann GmbH
00H 20H 51H Lion's Tracs
00H 20H 52H Analogue Systems
00H 20H 53H Focal-JMlab
00H 20H 54H Ringway Electronics (Chang-Zhou) Co Ltd
00H 20H 55H Faith Technologies (Digiplug)
00H 20H 56H Showworks
00H 20H 57H Manikin Electronic
00H 20H 58H 1 Come Tech
00H 20H 59H Phonic Corp
00H 20H 5AH Dolby Australia (Lake)
00H 20H 5BH Silansys Technologies
00H 20H 5CH Winbond Electronics
00H 20H 5DH Cinetix Medien und Interface GmbH
00H 20H 5EH A&G Soluzioni Digitali
00H 20H 5FH Sequentix GmbH
00H 20H 60H Oram Pro Audio
00H 20H 61H Be4 Ltd
00H 20H 62H Infection Music
00H 20H 63H Central Music Co. (CME)
00H 20H 64H genoQs Machines GmbH
00H 20H 65H Medialon
00H 20H 66H Waves Audio Ltd
00H 20H 67H Jerash Labs
00H 20H 68H Da Fact
00H 20H 69H Elby Designs
00H 20H 6AH Spectral Audio
00H 20H 6BH Arturia
00H 20H 6CH Vixid
00H 20H 6DH C-Thru Music
00H 20H 6EH Ya Horng Electronic Co LTD
00H 20H 6FH SM Pro Audio
00H 20H 70H OTO Machines
00H 20H 71H ELZAB S.A. (G LAB)
00H 20H 72H Blackstar Amplification Ltd
00H 20H 73H M3i Technologies GmbH
00H 20H 74H Gemalto (from Xiring)
00H 20H 75H Prostage SL
00H 20H 76H Teenage Engineering
00H 20H 77H Tobias Erichsen Consulting
00H 20H 78H Nixer Ltd
00H 20H 79H Hanpin Electron Co Ltd
00H 20H 7AH "MIDI-hardware" R.Sowa
00H 20H 7BH Beyond Music Industrial Ltd
00H 20H 7CH Kiss Box B.V.
00H 20H 7DH Misa Digital Technologies Ltd
00H 20H 7EH AI Musics Technology Inc
00H 20H 7FH Serato Inc LP
00H 21H 00H Limex
00H 21H 01H Kyodday (Tokai)
00H 21H 02H Mutable Instruments
00H 21H 03H PreSonus Software Ltd
00H 21H 04H Ingenico (was Xiring)
00H 21H 05H Fairlight Instruments Pty Ltd
00H 21H 06H Musicom Lab
00H 21H 07H Modal Electronics (Modulus/VacoLoco)
00H 21H 08H RWA (Hong Kong) Limited
00H 21H 09H Native Instruments
00H 21H 0AH Naonext
00H 21H 0BH MFB
00H 21H 0CH Teknel Research
00H 21H 0DH Ploytec GmbH
00H 21H 0EH Surfin Kangaroo Studio
00H 21H 0FH Philips Electronics HK Ltd
00H 21H 10H ROLI Ltd
00H 21H 11H Panda-Audio Ltd
00H 21H 12H BauM Software
00H 21H 13H Machinewerks Ltd.
00H 21H 14H Xiamen Elane Electronics
00H 21H 15H Marshall Amplification PLC
00H 21H 16H Kiwitechnics Ltd
00H 21H 17H Rob Papen
00H 21H 18H Spicetone OU
00H 21H 19H V3Sound
00H 21H 1AH IK Multimedia
00H 21H 1BH Novalia Ltd
00H 21H 1CH Modor Music
00H 21H 1DH Ableton
00H 21H 1EH Dtronics
00H 21H 1FH ZAQ Audio
00H 21H 20H Muabaobao Education Technology Co Ltd
00H 21H 21H Flux Effects
00H 21H 22H Audiothingies (MCDA)
00H 21H 23H Retrokits
00H 21H 24H Morningstar FX Pte Ltd
00H 21H 25H Changsha Hotone Audio Co Ltd
00H 21H 26H Expressive E
00H 21H 27H Expert Sleepers Ltd
00H 21H 28H Timecode-Vision Technology
00H 21H 29H Hornberg Research GbR
00H 21H 2AH Sonic Potions
00H 21H 2BH Audiofront
00H 21H 2CH Fred's Lab
00H 21H 2DH Audio Modeling
00H 21H 2EH C. Bechstein Digital GmbH
00H 21H 2FH Motas Electronics Ltd
00H 21H 30H Elk Audio
00H 21H 31H Sonic Academy Ltd
00H 21H 32H Bome Software
00H 21H 34H Pianoforce S.R.O
00H 21H 35H Dreadbox P.C.
00H 21H 36H TouchKeys Instruments Ltd
00H 21H 37H The Gigrig Ltd
00H 21H 38H ALM Co
00H 21H 39H CH Sound Design
00H 21H 3AH Beat Bars
00H 21H 3BH Blokas
00H 21H 3CH GEWA Music GmbH
00H 21H 3DH dadamachines
00H 21H 3EH Augmented Instruments Ltd (Bela)
00H 21H 3FH Supercritical Ltd
00H 21H 40H Genki Instruments
00H 21H 41H Marienberg Devices Germany
00H 21H 42H Supperware Ltd
00H 21H 43H Imoxplus BVBA 
00H 21H 44H Swapp Technologies SRL
00H 21H 45H Electra One S.R.O.
00H 21H 46H Digital Clef Limited
00H 21H 47H Paul Whittington Group Ltd
00H 21H 48H Music Hackspace
00H 21H 49H Bitwig GMBH
00H 21H 4AH Enhancia
00H 21H 4BH KV 331
00H 21H 4CH Tehnicadelarte
00H 21H 4DH Endlesss Studio
00H 21H 4EH Dongguan MIDIPLUS Co., LTD
00H 21H 4FH Gracely Pty Ltd.
00H 21H 50H Embodme
00H 21H 51H MuseScore
00H 21H 52H EPFL (E-Lab)
00H 21H 53H  Orb3 Ltd.
 00H 21H 54H Pitch Innovations
 00H 21H 55H Playces 
00H 21H 56H UDO Audio LTD
00H 21H 57H RSS Sound Design
00H 21H 58H Nonlinear Labs GmbH
00H 21H 59H Robkoo Information & Technologies Co., Ltd.
00H 21H 5AH Cari Electronic
00H 21H 5BH Oxi Electronic Instruments SL
00H 21H 5CH XMPT
00H 21H 5EH Shenzhen Huashi Technology Co., Ltd
00H 21H 60H Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd. 
00H 21H 61H Ryme Music
00H 21H 62H GS Music
00H 21H 63H Shenzhen Flamma Innovation Co., Ltd
 00H 21H 64H Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co.,LTD. 
 00H 21H 65H Raw Material Software Limited (JUCE)
 00H 21H 66H Birdkids
 00H 21H 67H Beijing QianYinHuLian Tech. Co
 00H 21H 68H Nimikry Music OG
00H 21H 69H Newzik
00H 21H 6AH Hamburg Wave
00H 21H 6BH Grimm Audio
00H 21H 6CH Arcana Instruments LTD.
00H 21H 6DH GameChanger Audio
0H 21H 6EH OakTone
00H 21H 6FH The Digi-Gurdy: A MIDI Hurdy Gurdy
00H 21H 70H MusiKraken
00H 21H 71H PhotoSynth > InterFACE
00H 21H 72H Instruments of Things
00H 21H 73H oodi
00H 21H 74H Komires Sp. z o.o.
00H 21H 75H Lehle GmbH
00H 21H 76H Joué Music Instruments
00H 21H 77H Guangzhou Pearl River Amason Digital Musical Instrument Co. Ltd
00H 21H 78H Rhesus Engineering GmbH
Japanese (AMEI) Group
ID Number Company Name
40H Kawai Musical Instruments MFG. CO. Ltd
41H Roland Corporation
42H Korg Inc.
43H Yamaha Corporation
44H Casio Computer Co. Ltd
46H Kamiya Studio Co. Ltd
47H Akai Electric Co. Ltd.
48H Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.
4BH Fujitsu Limited
4CH Sony Corporation
4EH Teac Corporation
50H Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. , Ltd
51H Fostex Corporation
52H Zoom Corporation
54H Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd.
55H Suzuki Musical Instruments MFG. Co., Ltd.
56H Fuji Sound Corporation Ltd.
57H Acoustic Technical Laboratory, Inc.
59H Faith, Inc.
5AH Internet Corporation
5CH Seekers Co. Ltd.
5FH SD Card Association
00H 40H 00H Crimson Technology Inc.
00H 40H 01H Softbank Mobile Corp
00H 40H 03H D&M Holdings Inc.
00H 40H 04H Xing Inc.
00H 40H 05H AlphaTheta Corporation
00H 40H 06H Pioneer Corporation
00H 40H 07H Slik Corporation