Official MIDI Specifications

MIDI Tuning (Updated Specification)

MIDI Tuning Updated Specification.pdf

incorporating the following:
  • MIDI Tuning Bank/Dump Extensions (CA-020)
  • MIDI Tuning Scale/Octave Extensions (CA-021/RP-020)
  • Defaults for Scale/Octave Tuning (RP-020)
The MIDI Tuning specification allows the sharing of "microtunings" (user-defined scales other than 12-tone equal temperament) among instruments, and the switching of these tunings during real-time performance.

The MIDI Tuning messages include:

• Bulk Tuning Dump Request (non-real-time)
• Bulk Tuning Dump (non-real-time)
• Single-note Tuning Change (real-time)

Scale/Octave Tuning is micro-tuning that is automatically repeated in every octave by calibrating a single octave of notes in small fractions of an equal-tempered half-step. The original MIDI tuning dump message had to define a frequency to each of 128 keys. This proposal defines an easier micro tuning that sets offsets from an equal-tempered half-step by the cent.
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