Official MIDI Specifications

eXtensible Music Format (XMF)

This document is a combination of the eXtensible Music File (XMF) “Recommended Practices” adopted by AMEI/MMA from 2001 through 2007:
RP-030 Specification for XMF Meta File Format 1.0
RP-031 Type 0 & Type 1 XMF Files (DLS + SMF)
RP-032 SMF Meta Event for XMF Patch Type Prefix
RP-039 XMF Meta File Format Updates 1.01
RP-040 XMF Compressions Definition for “zlib”
RP-042a Type 2 XMF File (Mobile XMF)
RP-043 Specification for XMF Meta File Format 2.0
RP-045 Audio Clips for Mobile XMF
RP-047 ID3 Metadata for XMF Files
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