MIDI Reference Tables

Our reference tables are the quick and easy way to look up the meaning of a particular MIDI message number, find a Manufacturer ID number, find international standards that incorporate MIDI, and more.

MIDI 1.0 Universal System Exclusive Messages

The following table lists all currently defined MIDI 1.0 Universal System Exclusive Messages.

Manufacturer SysEx ID Numbers

Manufacturer SysEx IDs allow manufacturers to uniquely identify their products and communicate product-specific information over MIDI.

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Do not use the ID numbers 00 and 00 00 00.
There are three system exclusive ID numbers reserved for specific uses.
7DH is reserved for non-commercial use (eg school, research, etc.) and should not be used for products that are generally available.
7EH and 7FH are ID numbers for Universal System Exclusive.

DLS Proprietary Chunk IDs

DLS Proprietary Chunk IDs allow manufacturers to uniquely identify their DLS products and provide a means for embedding customized product information into a standard DLS file.

Standards that Incorporate MIDI

MIDI technology is incorporated by reference (to the MMA documents) in many standards developed by other Standards Setting Organizations.