Make Music

Musicians, developers and creators with a passion for music MakeMusic, Inc., is a world leader in music technology. Our products include Finale, the world’s best-selling music notation software; Garritan, the leading provider of quality virtual software instruments; MusicXML, the standard open format for exchanging digital sheet music; and SmartMusic, interactive software featuring the world’s largest accompaniment library. For more than 25 years, Finale has been the industry standard in music notation software, enabling composers, arrangers, musicians, teachers, students, and publishers to create, edit, print, and publish musical scores. SmartMusic is interactive software that transforms the way students practice. SmartMusic provides students and teachers with access to thousands of band, orchestra, and vocal pieces, allowing students to practice with background accompaniment and get immediate feedback on their performance. With SmartMusic, teachers can individualize instruction and document the progress of every student. Garritan Virtual Instruments offer breathtaking sounds to inspire the musician’s creative experience. Everything we do is aimed at helping musicians realize and maximize their creative potential. To that end, high-quality, expressive and affordable software instruments should be within the reach of every musician. MusicXML is the open format for distributing and sharing digital sheet music. Dolet® plugins are the universal translators for music notation software. Just as MP3 files have become synonymous with sharing recorded music, MusicXML files have become the standard for sharing interactive sheet music.