Music Licensing, Pro Song Reviewers, Website Hosting

Broadjam handles the voting for the Country Music Awards, NAMM TEC Awards and for the MIDI Innovation Awards along with many other music award shows and events.

Broadjam allows you to send your music to film and TV licensing supervisors, get professional reviews of your song, and get your own templated website for your music.

Set up a professional Artist Profile with your music, videos and events. Sell your songs and keep track of your earnings. Host your personal website with your own domain name. Start submitting your songs for placement in Film, TV, and Advertising Opportunities (guaranteed to be heard). Enter song contests. Unite and collaborate with other musicians and receive feedback on your songs. Get pro reviews by music industry experts. Transmit your songs via the web to the industry, gig opportunities, and your fans. But most importantly, get connected to other Broadjam members from over 190 countries and share your love of music.